Amla is a herbal plant likewise well-known as Emblica Officinalis. The dried, powdered fruit has actually tannins, vitamin C, and is astringent.

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Our Organic Amla is particularly remarkable for hair because:

adds texture, volume, wave, curlshine to your hairpromotes hair growththicker, stronger hair strandstones down red of hennaherbal astringent making it excellent for facial cleansingtigh10s up coils/curls

Our organic amla powder is vacuumed sealed and packaged in foil packeras by 100 grams. This ensures freshness.

Why is our Organic Amla Powder superior to various other amla powders? Read our article: Henna Sooq"s Organic Amla Powder

Quantity: 100 grams

Be Advised: Our Organic Amla powder is not for intake. This is hair grade top quality amla and for external usage only.



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You deserve to usage amla as component of your henna and ayurvedic hair treatments or on its very own.

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People primarily use it on its own once they desire to tighten up their coils after a henna or cassia treatment without affecting color outcomes.When making use of it along with other herbs you should add at leastern 3-4 tbsp per 100 grams. You can mix your henna and ayurvedic recipes via warm water, tea, coffee, organic teas, and also some lemon juice. Don"t usage also a lot lemon juice, if any kind of, as it have the right to be drying


93 Reviews

Great to prevent hair loss 5 Posted by Cristina D. on 31st Oct 2021

I have very thin hair and also it falls because of a clinical problem. This has actually helped me boost hair loss in a week. Let's check out how this works later on. I combined it with my copper coloring recipe.

Quality amla 5

Posted by TJ on 2nine Oct 2021

I already had some amla on hand also from an additional firm yet I thrived curious about the difference in shade in between that brand (dark brown) and also Henna Sooq's (beige). So I bought hers and found that there is a exceptional difference! I obtained much necessary strength from both brands but Henna Sooq's left my 3c curls softer, more identified and also shiner. The other brand have the right to be consumed, maybe that's the difference, I don't know, however this amla is certainly the one I desire for my hair. Thanks!

Longer, Stronger, 2B Hair 5

Posted by Lin Guest on 15th Sep 2021

I began my henna journey in 2018, and haven’t looked ago. Henna Sooq is a blessing, Mash’Allah. I usage this Amla powder mixed with aloe powder and also leave in for around 3 hours or until I remember it. I put a shower cap over the herbal pack on my hair to begin via, and also when I begin to sweat, switch to a hand towel folded diagonally and tied up in front. My hair is currently waist-size after constant use of this in addition to amla oil and also Henna Sooq’s proprietary blend of Ayurvedic oil!Not poor for having actually a negative scalp condition through acne, dandruff, psoriasis, and thinning hair!! Now all gone, Insha’Allah. Thank you Khadijah and also Henna Sooq. P. S. All my “canas” are gone too!

Best Conditioner & Curl Definer 5

Posted by LYNETTE on 10th Sep 2021

This was my initially time making use of Amla on my 4C hair. Incorporated it with Fenugeek and coconut milk as a and also supplied it as a deep conditioner. My hair loved it! My curls were soft and also super characterized as soon as I did my braid out. It's unbelievable what a high quality product can do. LOVED IT!

Amla Powder Hair Mask 5

Posted by Jude Fenton on 20th Jul 2021