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When Will We B Paid?
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single art for U Make My Sun Shine
Performer: Prince
First Released: 21 December 2000 - U Make My Sun Shine single download
Writer(s):Randall Stewart

When Will We B Paid? (a.k.a. When Will We B Paid), a cover version of the song When Will We Be Paid? by The Staple Singers (from their 1970 album We’ll Get Over) is the b-side of a stand-alone single, U Make My Sun Shine, easily accessible to downpack on NPGOnlineLtd.com on 21 December 2000, containing full artjob-related and also instructions for burning the single to CD (the tracks and artwork were got to by navigating through a complicated puzzle). A CD version was released with retail stores 4 and also a half months later, on 10 April 2001.

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Starting 5 January 2011, When Will We B Paid? was made obtainable as a digital downfill on iTunes and other digital outallows using the very same artoccupational as the back cover downfill from the original download (in addition to a separate download of U Make My Sun Shine); this is not thought about a solitary as such, though, but a re-problem of the original U Make My Sun Shine single, albeit separated right into separate tracks.

On 2 November 2015, When Will We B Paid? (as When Will We B Paid) was made easily accessible as the nine Tidal Purple Pick of the Week.

Recording dates are unrecognized, but the track was tentatively consisted of as the fifth track on the aborted High, announced by NPGOnlineLtd.com to be complete (in turbulent form) on 8 August 2000, which would certainly imply the track was taped in late 1999 or 2000. started playing the song live in October 1999, so it is feasible the track was taped in the studio then, yet this is not well-known (the track is credited to Prince rather than , however this should not be considered verification that it was videotaped after he readjusted his name earlier to Prince in June 2000).

Recording InformationDateStudioAdditional info
Recording Sessions
Late October 1999 - Summer 2000 (assumed)Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)Tracking
Recording Personnel
VersionsWhen Will We B Paid?
Released Versions
TitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional info
4:07U Make My Sun Shine singleStudio

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