When the World as WeKnew It Ended-- It was coming. We had actually been watching given that the eve of the missionaries in their long and also solemn clothing, to view what would certainly occur. We experienced it from the kitchen home window over the sink as we made coffee, cooked rice and also potatoes, enough for an army. We observed it all, as we readjusted diapers and also fed the babies. We saw it, with the branches of the knowledgeable tree through the snags of stars, with the sunlight and storms from our knees as we bathed and also washed the floors. The conference of the birds warned us, as they flew over destroyers in the harbor, parked tbelow since the initially takeover. It was by their song and also talk we kbrand-new once to climb once to look out the window to the commovement going on-- the magnetic area thrvery own off by grief. We heard it. The racket in eextremely corner of the human being. As the hunger for battle increased up in those that would steal to be president to be king or emperor, to very own the trees, stones and also everything else that moved about the earth, inside the earth and over it. We knew it was coming, tasted the winds that gathered intelligence from each leaf and also flower, from eexceptionally mountain, sea and desert, from eincredibly prayer and song all over this tiny cosmos floating in the skies of limitless being. And then it was over, this people we had actually grvery own to love for its sweet grasses, for the many-colored horses and fishes, for the shimmering possibilities while dreaming. But then tbelow were the seeds to plant and also the babies who required milk and also comforting, and also someone picked up a guitar or ukulele from the rubble and also began to sing about the light flutter the kick beneath the skin of the earth we felt there, beneath us a warm pet a song being born in between the legs of her, a poem.

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October 20, 2001 A member of the Mvskoke/Creek Nation in Oklahoma, Joy HARJO is aninternationally known poet, perprevious, writer, and also musician. Born inTulsa, Oklahoma, in 1951, she has actually published seven publications of acclaimedpoetry, including such well-known titles as She Had Some Horses, In MadLove and also War, The Woguy Who Fell from the Sky, and her most current, HowWe Became Human: New and also Selected Poems (Norton). In Harjo"s firstmusic CD, Letter from the End of the 20th Century, she is featured aspoet and also saxophone player. Her second CD of original songs, Native Joyfor Real, crosses over many kind of genres and also has actually been pelevated for its daringbrilliance. Her third release, She Had Some Horses, is a spokenword CD.She is in the studio functioning on her fourth musical release, Wings ofNight Sky, Wings of Morning Light. She has won plenty of awards for herpoetry and creating, consisting of the Arrell Gibchild Lifetime AchievementAward from the Oklahoma Center for the Book; the 20oo Western LiteratureAssociation Distinguimelted Achievement Award; the 1998 LilaWallace-Reader"s Digest Award; the 1997 New Mexico Governor"sAward for Excellence in the Arts; the Lifetime Achievement Award fromthe Native Writers" Circle of the Americas; the William CarlosWilliams Award from the Poetry Society of America; and also the Eagle SpiritAchievement Award for overall contributions in the arts, awarded by theAmerihave the right to Indian Film Festival. Harjo has performed around the world, fromthe Riddu Riddu Festival organized north of the Arctic Circle in Normethod tothe Def Poetry Jam on HBO, and Madras, India, to the Ford Theater in LosAngeles. Her photographs were freshly featured in the present LookingIndian at the Untitled ArtVoid Gallery in Oklahoma City. She ispresently the Joseph M. Russo Endowed Professor in Creative Writing atthe University of New Mexico, where she will certainly be in residence every fallwith 2007.

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When not teaching and also perdeveloping, she lives in Honolulu,Hawaii, where she belongs to the Hui Nalu Canoe Club (www.joyharjo.com).
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Four Poems
Harjo, Joy
World Literature Today
Nov 1, 2007
It"s Raining in Honolulu.

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