The UNITED STATE Department of Houtilizing and also Urban Development​ (HUD) uses the median to report the average price of a house in the USA. Why perform you think HUD uses the​ median?
An insurance company crashed four cars of the exact same model at 5 miles per hour. The costs of repair for each of the four crashes were ​$433​, ​$440, ​$495​, and also ​$207 . Compute the​ expect, median, and mode price of repair.

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The adhering to data represent the weights​ (in grams) of an easy random sample of a candy.0.900.870.830.920.900.860.860.870.810.84 Determine the form of the circulation of weights of the candies by illustration a frequency histogram and also computer the mean and the median. Which measure of central tendency ideal defines the weight of the​ candy?
A professor has actually taped exam grades for 10 students in his​ course, however among the grades is no longer readable. If the mean score on the exam was 82 and also the mean of the 9 readable scores is 86​, what is the worth of the unreadable​ score?
The typical deviation is provided in conjunction with the​ ______ to numerically define distributions that are bell shaped. The​ ______ procedures the center of the​ distribution, while the typical deviation steps the​ ______ of the distribution.
True or​ False: When comparing two​ populaces, the bigger the standard​ deviation, the more dispersion the distribution​ has actually, provided that the variable of interemainder from the 2 populations has actually the exact same unit of meacertain.
True, bereason the traditional deviation explains how​ far, on​ average, each observation is from the typical worth. A larger conventional deviation indicates that monitorings are more far-off from the typical​ value, and​ therefore, more spread.
True or​ False: Chebyshev"s inetop quality uses to all distributions regardless of​ shape, but the empirical rule holds just for distributions that are bell shaped
True, Chebyshev"s inequality is less precise than the empirical​ dominion, yet will certainly job-related for any​ distribution, while the empirical dominion just functions for​ bell-shaped distributions
the empirical ascendancy can be used to identify the portion of information that lie within k traditional deviations of the suppose. To help organize the empirical dominance and also make the analysis​ simpler, draw a​ bell-shaped curve, as presented to the appropriate. The line in the facility of the curve represents the expect. The various other lines are each​ 1, 2, and also 3 standard deviations ameans from the intend.

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Any normal circulation is a symmetric circulation which constantly has actually a intend worth of zero and also a standard deviation of one.
A topic participates in a drug examine because therapy is easily accessible at no or diminished expense, and he might not otherwise afford it. This is an instance of

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