Whatsapp white screen

WhatsApp application does not open and goes white display screen on my 6 16 GB iPhone after updating to iOS 9.3.2

Please solve the bug, I really do not desire to shed my data/background of reinstallation of the application

Try the adhering to steps:

Check App update: Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad > click updays > inspect if the application needs to update.Restart your iPhone or iPad: press and also hold the sleep/wake switch to it turn off and then turn it on aacquire.Close the application: multitasking opened up by double pressing the Home switch > slide apps from non-response up to close.


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Hello everyone hope that someone will certainly desire to help with my difficulty. You check out, I threw the phone on the floor the various other day and also confirmed a white display screen, periodically fainting in the normal display screen and also sometimes what is the vibrant stripes. spend 2 days and also then my screen was simply full of stripes of color, no white screen at all. I did some study and also discovered that the concealment of the display and also reattach the Ribbon of the display screen might job-related. I did and also he just came earlier to the white screen, no even more shade simply scratches the white display aacquire. I watched tape of link and its not teared, so don"t understand what else to do to resolve. Tbelow was this various other thing that coulded functions but does not, and it was simply the lock display and pressing on the lower appropriate of the display screen by pressing the switch "p ". which didn"t occupational either so if anyone have the right to help, I"d appreciate it.

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Hello Rafarafa

Welinvolved http://supportforums.blackberry.com

A friend has actually also trying to execute what you carry out your screen is damaged

Your screen is in disrepair and damaged.It is best that you take it to a dedicated, dependable and guaranteed technical service.And comentale what taken place.

Remember that each display has actually a distinct code that functions with your BB.

Kind regards.

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The beta variation of Firefox to the existing resolve has interchallenge Australis which seems various from the UI in Firefox 28 and reduced versions.The pref pref internet browser.tabs.onTop is no much longer supported in Firefox 29

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Can you please deal with the problem? Appstore cannot upday or install apps... App Store not worked yesterday.

We cannot fix a trouble for you, but we can make suggestions of troubleshooting...

Have you tried restarting your iPhone yet?

Press and also hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider shows up.Drag the slider to revolve off your gadget totally off.Once the gadget turns off, press and organize the sleep/wake button again till you view the Apple logo design.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode to inspect if among the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the reason of the problem.

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