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Recover Mistakenly Deleted Misc. (miscellaneous) Files on Android

Overview: You can quickly recoup lost or deleted android misc. (miscellaneous) files via the assist of Android Documents Recoextremely Tool. Try this data recovery tool to get assorted papers earlier in MISC folder on Android.

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With the help of Android Documents Recovery, one have the right to easily:

Rescue deleted, lost, formatted Misc.(miscellaneous) FilesRestore whatsapp various documents from Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, OnePlus, Nexus, Lava, Mi, HTC, Micromax and various other Android phone/tabletPreview recoverable assorted papers within software program prior to you continue additionally to recover and also save them on your PC100% safe and secure and also basic to use

Practical scenario

I am new to Android, and also I find the papers which are not beneficial, really annoying. So I deleted the cache and the assorted WhatsApp papers. But after that, I could no much longer see the imperiods and videos in the gallery. Instead, just a black screen appears instead of eextremely photo. Please aid me through this, or simply tell me if it is necessary to have the misc documents. — quora.com

What Is Misc. file?

Move to your storage se4ction of your Android mobile, you will discover the list of application data and media that contain pictures, audio, videos,, downloads, cached data and also Misc. files over 1GB size.


These Misc. documents are every little thing which doesn’t come under media, apps, downloaded papers or cache documents. Misc. is also referred as various files that are temporary files.

When you delete one or more various documents then you can finish up shedding your songs, videos or photos, memos on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber or other apps.

So before deleting Misc. files make sure you don’t remove the forced tone. In fact some of the user accidentally or undeliberately deletes miscellaneous papers from their gadget.

They actually didn’t understand what is assorted and hence finish up deleting them to free up some pace yet they actually delete their vital application information.


After accidentally deleting various documents, they ask deserve to i gain back deleted misc papers. Don’t worry! You can gain back accidentally deleted various documents.

Here in this article we will certainly display you exactly how to recover deleted misc.(miscellaneous) files on android through a step-by-step guide.

Should I delete assorted papers on Android?

When you delete any kind of .misc records that is composed of system information then it is sure you can be in trouble. In fact if you delete any kind of .misc documents of any kind of application from your Android phone then you will certainly lose all the chats, videos, audios and various other files of the specific application. You deserve to go to .misc files by simply going to Setups > Storage > Miscellaneous files

Can I delete WhatsApp various files on Android?

Yes, you can delete the WhatsApp miscellaneous papers by utilizing a record traveler. But the basic and also best method to delete any type of media files by utilizing Android storage settings. Under this, look for the Misc. storage room and click it.

How to Safely Delete Misc. file Without Losing Data?

If you desire to delete various papers to make some area on your gadget then make certain of the data you desire to rerelocate it.

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Deleting WhatsApp misc files deserve to reason difficulty choose you could end up deleting any kind of database records of WhatsApp or other vital things. If you desire to cost-free up area then move right into Gallery and also delete the undesirable media records.

How to Recover Deleted Misc. (miscellaneous) Files on Android?

Will you have the ability to recoup accidentally deleted Android various files? Yes, Android assorted file recoextremely is possible through reliable recoexceptionally software program.

With the usage of Android File Recoextremely Tool you can conveniently gain back photos, videos, audios, memos and also other papers. With its easy-to-use attribute you can actually gain ago the lost various documents. In simply few simple measures you will certainly recover your deleted data earlier from Android various files?

Downfill Android Data Recoincredibly Tool on your device and begin Misc file recoextremely by following the provided listed below overview.

Note: It is recommfinished that you downfill and also use the software application on your Desktop or Laptop. Recoincredibly of phone data on the phone itself is riskies as you may end up losing all your priceless indevelopment because of information overwriting.

Steps to Recover Deleted Misc. (miscellaneous) Files on Android

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First, launch Android Data Recovery software application on computer system and select "File Recovery"


Step 2: Choose file forms to Scan

When your gadget is associated effectively, Android File Recovery will certainly show the types of information it supports. It has checked all types of records by default. You simply need to pick the data form you wish to recoup.

If your device is rooted then Android Documents Recoincredibly will certainly offer 2 options: Scan for deleted files and also Scan for all files. Selecting Scan for all documents will take longer time but it will certainly scan the file thoroughly.


And now your gadget will be scanned to recuperate shed information. This entire procedure will some minute so simply wait and relax.

Wrapping Things Up:

If you desire to delete anypoint from your gadget make certain you are completely certain around it. If you desire to totally free up room then relocate right into Gallery and delete the unwanted media files. In instance if you have deleted some of your essential then and tbelow stop making use of your device to restore them ago.

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