Among the most typically asked inquiries in background, are Why did World War 1 Start? and also Who Was to Blame for WW1? It is generally believed that tright here were in fact 4 main causes of WW1 – that is to say 4 longterm reasons for the battle – and a number of prompt reasons.

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In this article, we shall look at the 4 M.A.I.N. longterm reasons of WW1 in turn, as well as the instant causes of the war, in order to attempt and also much better understand also just why and also how did World War 1 start.

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What Were The Four Key Caoffers of WW1?

Chroniclers mainly agree that the four major longterm reasons of World War One were Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism.

One method to remember these 4 primary reasons of WW1 is via the acronym M – A – I – N, where:

M = Militarism, A = Alliances, I = Imperialism, and also N = Nationalism

In the next few paragraphs, we shall look at each of these longterm reasons consequently. Please note that you are additionally able to connect via to even more in-depth short articles for each of the M.A.I.N. reasons.


Towards the end of the nineteenth century, tright here was a duration of intense armed forces competition between the major European powers, as each nation sneed to outperform their rivals. The budacquire invested on the strengthening of armies and navies increased at an alarming rate, and also came at the price of various other facets of culture.

Although virtually all of the European countries were committed to stockpiling weapons and also boosting the size of their standing militaries, perhaps the a lot of striking instance of militarism at this time was the arms race that took area between Germany type of and also Great Britain at the finish of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.

Germany type of looked enviously at the size of the Royal Navy, which was by far the biggest and most powerful in the people. She was established to catch Britain up and in the eighteenager nineties passed a collection of naval acts to raise the significant amounts of money needed to develop a fleet of battleships.

To begin through, Britain turned a blind eye towards Germany’s initiatives of building up her navy, however by the revolve of the century she had actually end up being involved sufficient to commission the structure of a brand-new super battleship, HMS Dreadnought.

Germany kind of retaliated by passing 2 even more naval acts, increasing the money to construct dreadnoughts of her very own, which led to a fierce naval arms race between the two European powers.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Franz Joseph I

Wilhelm and Franz Ferdinand had themselves been close, and also the Kaiser was deeply saddened at his friend’s murder, however he was warned by his ministers that Serbia had actually an effective ally of it’s own in Russia. Even so, he had his Chancellor, Bethmann-Hollweg, reply to Franz Joseph in a telegram, which later on ended up being recognized as the Blank Cheque.

The final 2 paragraphs, of what was a lengthy reply to the Austrian Emperor, proclaimed the following: