Tbelow were many causes of World War I, yet the 3 the majority of important reasons were militarism, imperialism, and partnerships. World War I began in 1914, and also it began off as soon as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand also of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. This was a international battle centered in Europe which began July 28, 1914 and ended November 11, 1918. After World War I finished more than 9 million soldiers had actually been killed and around 21 million soldiers were wounded. The 2 countries that were effected many in the battle were Germany kind of and also France.

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Also World War I noted the finish of the four imperial empires which were Germany kind of, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Turvital.


One underlying cause of World War I was militarism. Militarism is as soon as countries invested greatly in their equipped pressures in order to remain more powerful than one’s opponents. Well initially Great Britain spent the many money on its navy so it could have a very solid armed forces.


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Also Germany spent the a lot of money on its army, to also have a very strong army. This proof supports the insurance claim that militarism was an underlying reason of the battle because Germany kind of had actually the strongest power on the continent. But the British navy was the strongest in the human being. So obviously both countries, Germany and Great Britain, started to battle to watch that had actually the strongest and the majority of powerful armed forces in the world.


A second underlying reason of World War I was imperialism. Imperialism is the expansion of one nation’s regulate over other world. First Great Britain had 12,740,000 square miles which means that they had the greatest population in their colonies, in which tright here population was 400,000,000.

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France had the second most square miles, in which they had actually 4,440,000 square miles and also had the second biggest populace, in which they had 56,000,000. This proof supports the claim that imperialism was an underlying reason of the battle bereason the more land and also people they had actually the more quickly the country might attack another country. Then in turn, the substantial country would acquire regulate over more land and people and also sooner or later that nation will certainly take regulate over eextremely nation bordering them.

Military Alliances

While militarism and imperialism were vital, the many basis underlying cause of World War I was alliances. Alliances were nations that helped each various other out and also promised not to attack each various other. One well known partnerships were the Triple Entente, which consisted of France, Britain, and also Russia. This famed alliance was more than likely one of the most effective partnerships there was in World War I. The 3 partnerships did not have to worry around assaults on their country because the three alliances were neighboring nations. So for instance if Austria-Hungary was acquiring assaulted, both Germany and also Italy could quickly aid them bereason they are surrounding countries.

Alliances was the basic reason of the battle because the even more alliances you have actually the more you will not gain assaulted as much as other nations. But if you do not have any type of or little alliances you are most likely to acquire struck by various other nations. Also various other nations will help you through anything favor for instance if you need even more weapons or soldiers. But aobtain if you do not have actually any kind of or little alliances you will certainly not get assist throughout an attack and a astronomical and powerful alliance like the Triple Entente could strike you at any kind of point and they could gain manage over you land also. Also while obtaining struck you cannot contact an alliance to help you through assist favor acquiring more tools and also bringing in even more soldiers.

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Although there were other reasons that contributed to World War I prefer nationalism which was behind the assassicountry of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the 3 important underlying reasons were- militarism, imperialism, and alliances. In conclusion, the primary underlying cause of World War I was alliances in my opinion bereason the even more alliances you had, the even more you could strike a country and also get control over their land also, which in turn would reason a line of battles.

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What was the underlying cause of World War I?. (2016, Aug 31). Retrieved from https://jiyuushikan.org/what-was-the-underlying-cause-of-world-war-i-essay