Are video games gaining to be more favor movies, or are movies acting more choose video games? Gravity marked a leap forward in the melding of the two, in which a solitary character is put into a severe case and also must get from phase to phase where they need to settle puzzles in order to win the movie. It was the closest to a feature-size edition of the Escape The Room genre since Saw II. Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows copies the Gravity formula, replacing Void and also Asteroids through Random Mexideserve to Beach and also Shark. The Shallows is Gravity meets Jaws without the self-seriousness.

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Nancy (Blake Lively) is on vacation after shedding her mom to an extensive condition. She took a break from becoming a medical doctor to catch some gnarly waves at a mystery beach her mother provided to constant. How trick is the beach? It’s a beach that’s so trick it remains largely untouched by gringos. It’s so trick that nobody will certainly tell her what it’s called. When she asks the name of the beach from her driver, he alerts her to be mindful. It’s SO SECRET that she still gets solid enough cell phone reception to have the ability to confront time with her family in Texas. I guess there aren’t sufficient tourists to clog the netoccupational or something.

The beach is so secret that Nancy just sees two other Mexideserve to surfers trying to catch some waves for the entire day she’s tbelow. After a bunch of close-up apparel altering, slow-movement surfing music videos and augmented fact phone advertising earlier story, the various other 2 surfers ultimately leave the beach in Nancy’s capable hands to catch the last wave. It’s then that she lastly sees a GIGANTIC DEAD WHALE that seems to have attracted a team of scavenging seagulls. Along through the discovery of the large dead whale is likewise the whale’s presumptive murderer, an asshole shark with a vendetta.

After an initial strike, Nancy finds herself having actually to survive on a rock just big enough to fit her and a hapmuch less seagull (attributed as Sully “Steven” Seagull), who acts as her very judgmental spirit pet. Occasionally, an additional perboy or 2 will wander in and also out of the movie to execute something essentially stupid, yet almost the entire movie is Nancy vs Shark, and trying to obtain from place to location to resolve whatever before trouble appears to arise.

Unlike Gravity, which has a heave sense of self-prestige and also gravitas, The Shallows is light, silly, and typically hilarious in its stupidity. Where else are you going to find Blake Lively clinging to a dead whale carcass that’s being dragged by an angry shark? Will that movie have her screaming “Where are you taking me?!!?” The Shallows has actually both, and also that’s simply in the initial assault. It doesn’t shy amethod from the cheap or the crass, but all it wants to perform is entertain.

Fortunately for us, The Shallows isn’t the discovered footage movie it threatens to be at the incredibly start (dammit, movie, don’t give me a heart strike by finding a random GoPro on a beach). Instead, it’s choose a gorgeous magazine pictorial meets a music video. Lushly oversaturated imperiods make the many of its idyllic eye candy locale. The generic framing and also framework make this look much even more simple to do than it actually is.

If summer movies are expected to be an excuse to get right into some air conditioning without actually being bored to tears, then The Shallows is just one of the best summer movies. You obtain all the visuals of going to the beach, Blake Lively in a neon bikini, thrills from a series of shark assaults via some actual tension, and also a bunch of comic relief. It’s complete genre fare, however you might do much much worse.

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The just question I have actually is, how the hell didn’t she lose any type of of her necklaces or various other accessories in the middle of her attacks?


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