What began through one makeup tutorial video has actually came to be a full-fledged business for YouTube sensation Rachel Levin. The star initially found her way to YouTube in 2010 and has not looked ago. Today, she has actually continued to flourish her empire and also expand her fame through over 12 million YouTube subscribers.

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While the star shares a lot about her life in her videos, there are some untold truths about Levin and also her success over the years that you most likely don"t understand. Let"s take a closer look and obtain to recognize Levin also much better.

Levin"s YouTube career started once she was 15 years old in 2010. Alprepared a huge fan of YouTube content, the then-teenager discovered herself watching videos every one of the time. So what made her decide to article her own video? 

She spoke to Adweek about this, sharing, "I would watch all these beauty tutorials to the allude wbelow in the mirror once I did my makeup in the morning, I would certainly be prefer, "OK, now we"re going to use this product to our outer v" . Once I came to the conclusion that I was doing makeup tutorials in the mirror, I made a decision that I have to simply film a video. So I filmed a how-to conceal under-eye circles video, posted it and didn"t think anything of it."

The rest is history.

As Levin"s fan base thrived and her success ongoing, she didn"t realize that she was coming to be more renowned at that same time. In truth, her initially enrespond to through a fan was awkward bereason she couldn"t understand also exactly how this perkid knew her.

She described the interactivity via Instant, and also said, "It was very awkward because I was very in shock ... I didn"t recognize why they kbrand-new me. I simply witnessed them looking at me, and also I was prefer, "Oh my god, is there something in my teeth? Like, oh my god, perform I have actually a stain on my pants? Oh god, this is so awkward they save staring at me.""

At some point the 2 spoke, and also Levin was thrilbrought about realize that human being were watching her content and enjoying it.

For Levin, producing YouTube content is all around finding those inventive topics to share through fans. One of her a lot of popular videos have the right to certainly be defined through that word. She produced a item on exactly how bubblegum can be provided to make lipstick.

She spoke with Instant about the procedure behind this video and also the trial-and-error measures she faced along the way, consisting of not only her believed process, yet also the battles of making it occur. She common, ""Huh, this does not exist all over in the people. How carry out I figure this out?" So I prefer spent choose more than likely 12 hrs buying ... I bought most bubblegum and also was just testing out different ways of choose melting it."

And while she finished up with a effective video, not all outcomes were great. She ongoing, "Tbelow a lot of things that were charred after that day. My microwave was just ... damaging."

When Levin created her first videos, she was not expecting any acknowledgment to come from it. As she common during her interview via Instant, she was not thinking that much right into the future.

However before, she was ultimately compelled to think even more about it as soon as everyone at her institution uncovered out about her YouTube web page. It was the one minute that Levin taken into consideration shutting down her channel. The response she received from her fellow students was hurtful. She said, "And human being were simply ... exceptionally ... expect about it for no reason."

Yet she has actually been able to save points in perspective. Now through every one of the success she has, Levin went on to say, "But ... I intend, I"m here, they"re there. I"m not as upcollection anymore."

Levin is already pretty cool, yet then she took it to a new level once she obtained an unexplained pet. Yeah, that"s ideal, a pet lamb.

She shared news of Alo on Twitter in 2015, correcting a fan that called her pet a goat. She also common that Alo was rejected by his mother and would certainly be continuing to be via Levin till he could go back to the farm. Oh, and also she had actually to article a video clip of that time Alo ate her sister"s homework, developing the ultimate excusage for institution the next day.

Since then, Alo has actually made appearances in Levin"s content. Although Alo hasn"t been in any kind of recent content because he went back to the farm in mid-2016, this is one of the coolest fun facts about a YouTube celebrity.

Levin does an amazing job of producing good content that looks so effortless. However, "effortless" is much from the word to usage when it pertains to Levin"s dedication to her craft.

She puts in significant hrs to create the perfect content. During the intersee with Instant, she mutual that it commonly takes nine hrs to film one video and 18 hours to edit it. She does identify that some of that time is bereason she is a perfectionist.

Throughout the interwatch she shelp, "It"s largely just bereason, choose, eexceptionally single time I"m modifying ... "Ok I must take out that little tiny millisecond, otherwise the whole video is just disastrous and everyone will certainly hate it." So that"s more than likely why it takes that long."

While it has actually come to be a trfinish over the years for some YouTube stars to fill up and relocate to Los Angeles, that is much from the plan for Levin. When asked this question by among her fans in a YouTube video, her answer was pretty clear: "Hell-to-the-no."

For Levin, the reason hregarding perform through her content production. She ongoing on to say, "I remained in LA for a week and I had no motivation at all to film a YouTube video." That"s enough to save this YouTube celeb much ameans from Hollytimber.

Now that doesn"t expect that this YouTube star won"t ever uncover her way to the other coast. Even though she still calls Philadelphia her home, she renders trips to LA to accomplish with her monitoring team.

Levin does not just make videos for fun — she"s also partnered through various other brands in her content, making this a solid career for herself. When speaking through Digiday around partnering with brands, she brought up what she believes makes a partnership most successful. 

"What I discover most effective when I work through brands personally is once they offer me the creative freedom to carry out what I know best via my channel," she sassist.

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She referenced a video she produced for Birchbox at Coachella. Instead of developing the typical "just how to gain ready" video, she created her own take on it, still showcasing all of the commodities and also creating more humorous content. It worked out for both parties in the finish.

With so much success, it would certainly be basic for a star choose Levin to have actually the fame go to her head, yet that is not the way this YouTube star resides her life. During an intercheck out via Forbes, the interviewer common that Levin"s variety of viewers is roughly the exact same number as the whole populace of Brazil. Whoa

Levin spoke about her success and her outlook on her achievements, prefer the variety of viewers she has actually collected, therefore far. She shared, "I generally attempt not to look at how many type of people it is because I do not want to gain cocky. I desire to be even more humbled and honored by it. But I attempt not to be favor, "Yeah. The whole country of Brazil simply watched my video.""

For this star, her focus is more on pushing borders and not coming to be a stereotypical content creator. Being a beauty guru who likewise has actually comedic videos is a clear example of just how Levin does the unexpected. She sassist during the interwatch, "I actually choose to be the one who pushes, not the industry, however the YouTube game in various directions."