The purpose of this experiment is to observe just how moisture, cooling temperature, and also condensation nuclei play a duty in cloud development.

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Gallon jar


Food coloring

Hot and cold water



Rubber glove


Rubber band

1. Pour 100 ml of cold water right into the jar. Add food coloring to the water.

2. Swirl the water in the jar for one minute to enable some water to evapoprice.

3. Stretch the open end of a rubber glove over the mouth of the jar, with the glove fingers hanging dvery own into the jar.

4. Place a rubber band also about the mouth of the jar to secure the glove.

5. Turn on the lamp so it shines with the jar.

6. Insert your hand also right into the glove. Pull easily exterior without disturbing the jar"s seal. Record your observations.

7. Quickly push your hand back dvery own into the jar. Record your observations.

8. Carecompletely rerelocate the glove from the jar.

9. Drop a lit complement into the jar and easily seal it aget via the rubber glove as before.

10. Insert your hand into the glove. Pull easily outside without disturbing the jar"s seal. Record your monitorings.

11. Repeat the whole procedure making use of warm tap water instead of cold water.

What execute you watch happening inside the jar?

Water vapor is produced as water heats under the lamp. Swirling the water additionally help water molecules to move right into the air from the water’s surconfront.

When you pull the glove out of the jar, the air push is lowered inside the jar. The jar consists of the very same number of air molecules, but they have more space in between them (they are less dense). Molecules collide via each various other less commonly and also sluggish dvery own, bring about the air temperature to go down.

When you push the rubber glove right into the jar, you are increasing the air push. The air becomes even more thick as the molecules are crowded together. This likewise reasons the air to warm up as molecules collide through each other even more often.

The smoke pshort articles carry out tiny nuclei on which water vapor molecules condense, once the air temperature cools. This develops a tiny cloud.

Tright here need to be 3 main ingredients existing in order for clouds to form:

• Moisture - There have to be sufficient water vapor in the air to construct a cloud.

• Cooling air - The air temperature need to decrease enough for water vapor to conthick.

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• Condensation nuclei - Tiny particles, invisible to the human eye, such as dust, dirt, and pollutants, carry out surfaces on which water molecules can gather and condense right into water droplets.