Eextremely cloth diaper can fail at some point, whether it’s bereason of age and also hefty usage or a defect. When that happens, your first thought might be to throw it in the trash if there’s no warranty coverage, especially once it’s the waterproof cover or pocket diaper shell. But that’s a shame as soon as you think about that one of the reasons you might be utilizing fabric is to cut dvery own on household waste.

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Here are some truly helpful points you can execute through old or damaged covers.

#1 Use as a swim diaper.

If you have a shell that’s leaky or delaminated, re-function it as a swim diaper. The main job of a washable swim diaper is to host in number 2, so as long as you have the right to acquire an excellent fit approximately the legs, an old cover or pocket shell can serve this objective.

#2 Use as a backup cover.

Many kind of mothers that usage disposables store waterproof diaper covers on hand also to carry out added defense versus blowouts. The gussets on a disposable diaper aren’t the best, so adding an old towel diaper cover on height offers you a tiny little of added insurance should the Pampers fail.

#3 Use as a photo prop.

This is an excellent method to provide a really cute (yet not usable) cover brand-new life. Let your baby wear it for a photo shoot; host onto it if the color/print is one you love, and you deserve to gain a picture of your following baby in it, too.

#4 Use it for play time.

Your children will reap putting genuine fabric diapers on their stuffed animals and baby dolls!

#5 Be crafty.

You can make adorable cloth diaper keychains or tree ornaments from old PUL covers, choose these from Weensy Baby. Keep or offer as presents or party favors. Old fabric diaper covers can additionally be supplied for baby shower decorations or party games.


#6 Donate them.

There are a few cloth diaper charities/lending closets (choose Cloth for a Cause and Cloth for Everybum) that accept damaged diapers and are equipped to repair them. Always check first, and also if you have a few added dollars, send those in via your box of damaged diapers to help balance out the expense of repairs.

You deserve to additionally article an ad on Craigslist or a Facebook diaper swap (general or brand specific) and watch if tbelow are any kind of takers. Some mothers might be willing to take them off your hands and attempt to repair.

#7 Or repair them yourself.

If you’re up for a small obstacle, attempt solving the diapers that are salvageable. I’m only a novice, so let me point you to a great post from my frifinish, Celeste, around repairing elastics, snaps and also PUL.

You can likewise pay to have actually minor repairs and also snap replacement (or snap conversions from hook and loop) done at

#8 Use as teaching aids.

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Old diapers make good visuals! Use them in your local towel diaper assistance team to highlight different layouts and also functions for mothers that are curious or simply starting out.

Do you have actually any type of offers to share for old or damaged diaper covers? Let me recognize in a comment listed below so others have the right to benefit from your ideas, too!