CHECKLIST: BEFORE DEFEATING THE SOUL OF CINDER BOSSOnce all four Lords of Cinder are beat and went back to their thrones in the Firelink Shrine, you"ll have to sheight with the Fire Keeper in order to face the game"s last Soul of Cinder boss. Before placing the Lords on Cinder on their thrones, but, complete the adhering to steps to wrap up the last few NCOMPUTER pursuit lines properly.

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1. Meet Leontough the Ringfinger at Rosaria"s Bedchamber

Now that Sirris has actually offered her function, it"s safe to continue on via Leonhard"s quest line. First, warp to Rosaria"s Bedchamber in the Cathedral of the Deep and sheight with Rosaria to join the Rosaria"s Fingers covenant if you haven"t done so already. Next, sell her the Pale Tongue you obtained previously in the game. Finally, warp out of the location and earlier aobtain.

When you return, Leonhard need to be present in the chamber; soptimal with him to proceed his search line then warp ameans and also back an additional time. On showing up aobtain, Rosaria will be dead, and also a Black Eye Orb deserve to be found at the foot of her bed. Grab the orb prior to continuing.

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2. Visit Aldwell-off the Devourer"s bonfire and also use the Babsence Eye Orb

Next, warp to Aldaffluent the Devourer"s bonfire in Anor Lonperform and use among the two elevators at the ago of the room to reach the upper level. Next off, climb the measures and enter the large rear chamber. Finally, equip the Black Eye Orb and also usage it to invade Leonhard"s civilization.

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Defeating Leontough will earn you the Silver Mask and Crescent Moon Sword. You"ll also gain the Soul of Rosaria, which deserve to be supplied to purchase the Bountiful Sunlight miracle from Ludleth at the Firelink Shrine, or to reanimate Rosaria"s corpse in her bedchamber. Note that you have the right to still use Rosaria"s covenant-related attributes, even if she"s dead, definition that there"s bit factor not to cash-in her soul. This brings Leonhard"s pursuit to an finish.

3. Say goodbye to Sirris of the Sunmuch less Realms at Firelink Shrine

With Lothric, the Younger Prince, dvery own for good, warp ago to Fireattach Shrine and also return to Holy Knight Hodrick"s grave. You"ll currently discover Sirris" Sunless Talisguy right here, and also her armour can be purchased from the shrine Handmaiden. This concludes Sirris" search line.

4. Locate Orbeck of Vinheim"s body at the Grand Archive

Provided that you followed Orbeck of Vinheim"s reasonably loose quest line - buying at least 15 spells and also keeping him alive (despite Yuria"s wishes) - you"re totally free to warp to the Grand also Archives and also make your way to the top level housing 4 candlestick sorcerers. You"ll discover Orbeck"s corpse sat at a table below, and can now claim his ashes. If you like, you can give his ashes to Yuria of Londor in order to get the Morion Blade.

5. Duel through Hawktimber the Deserter

Speak via Blacksmith Andre to obtain Hawkwood"s invitation to duel. Rerevolve to the Abyss Watchers boss room and also defeat Hawktimber to obtain the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. If you"re eliminated during battle, Hawkwood will claim the rock and you"ll should defeat him to secure it.


1. Collecting Yuria"s belongings from the Fireconnect Shrine (Anri "dark" search line only)

If you adhered to the path to reach Yuria of Londor"s different ending, when the boss is defeated you"re able to go back to Fireconnect Shrine prior to triggering the last cutscene. If you carry out, you have the right to uncover the Darkdrift sword and also Yuria"s Dark Set situated in her usual place.

And that"s it! If you"ve simply arrived at this web page, you deserve to head ago to the begin of our guide to Dark Souls 3 - exactly how to complete eexceptionally NCOMPUTER quest in one playthrough.

- For more advice on the game, check out the main Dark Souls 3 overview page.

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