The 108-year wait is over as the Chicback Cubs are ultimately World Series champions. What will follow is a celebration that have to enhance or exceed any kind of we have actually viewed in years. 

While Chicago hadn"t even been in the World Series given that 1945, the squad showed excellent solve in the last round after going dvery own 3-1 via 4 games. The team through the finest document in baseround throughout the regular seakid bounced ago via three right wins, catching the initially championship since 1908.

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The 8-7 win in Game 7 sealed the victory with Ben Zobrist taking residence the award for Many Valuable Player.

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Now all that is left for the team is to celebprice in addition to the long-enduring fans who expectations well past the boundaries of the city.

Here is what you must know around the upcoming Cubs championship parade.


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Cubs World Series Parade

Date: Friday, Nov. 4

Time: 12 p.m. ET

TV: MLB Network

Live Stream:, CBS Chicago

"Mayor Emanuel states Cubs victory parade will certainly be ,""s Danny Ecker listed. "Details to follow, but intended to run from Wrigley Field to Grant Park."

According to WGN, the parade will start at Wrigley Field and also "travel along Michigan Ave between Oak St. and Ohio St. and then along Columbus Dr. in between Monroe St. and also Balbo Ave."

Lower Hutchinkid Field in Grant Park will organize the rally at noon neighborhood time.

The Chicearlier Tribune"s John Byrne provided comments from Mayor Emanuel:

The mayor, speaking shortly before noon at an unassociated occasion, said the parade will certainly be organized "roughly this time." Specifics are being operated out "as we sheight," he shelp.

Emanuel sassist there will be "a parade to stand the test of time."

The mayor had actually no specifics on the path, telling reporters "just stand in the middle of the street somewhere and you"ll watch it."

Asked whether the Chicearlier River will be dyed blue, he shelp he would prefer to carry out that however wasn"t specific if it would work-related. "I desire to execute many points," Emanuel said.

The parade will certainly be a huge deal for the majority of people, which can produce truly amazing numbers as much as attendance is came to.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship in June, it seemed as though everyone in the state of Ohio was tbelow for the party. Fans clogged the highways and also bacount left enough room for the players to get via the website traffic.

The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission reported a total of 1.3 million fans in attendance.

While fans of both the Cavaliers and also Cubs have waited a long time for a championship, tright here are a lot even more world in Chicback and also the surrounding location.

The Chicback White Sox reportedly drew 1.75 million people at their parade as soon as they won the World Series in 2005, although they have constantly been the less famous of the 2 Windy City franchises.

There were apparently at least 2 million people at each of the Chicago Blackhawks" celebrations in 2010, 2013 and also 2015.

Still, the better comparison can be that of the Boston Red Sox, whose 2004 parade reportedly featured 3 million fans, the a lot of ever before in a sports celebration.

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Fans from everywhere country will certainly want to join in to cheer on the 2016 Cubs, who were able to get rid of over a century of curses, bad luck and also sindicate negative play. Regardmuch less of how lengthy each fan has been enduring, they all deserve to sign up with in on the festivities.