The goal of eincredibly vacation is to make time stand also still & memories to last a life time – tough things to achieve you left without planning to shed or obtain an hour or 2. That’s wbelow this quick overview to time in Puerto Vallarta comes in handy.

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Plan Your Getameans through Our Puerto Vallarta Time Zone Guide


One of the many confusing things about worldwide travel, understanding the time zone you’re headed right into is an inpractical. It helps you arrangement your sleep schedule to adjust for any kind of jet lag before your pilgrimage, while keeping you mindful of timely commitments back house, as well as the schedules of family members and also friends you may desire to share details around your journey via alengthy the method. So what is the time zone in Puerto Vallarta? The answer is Zona Centro, exact same as Central Time in the U.S.

Don’t Let the Maps Fool You


Online time zone maps deserve to be deceiving, as the Mexideserve to says of Jalisco (wbelow Puerto Vallarta is located) and also our north neighbor Nayarit (house to regional desticountries prefer Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita, and San Pancho) are technically in various time areas. Imagine exactly how confutilizing it would certainly be if you booked a tour ten minutes ameans, and also it was actually an hour previously as soon as you obtained tbelow. To avoid this, every one of Banderas Bay switched to Zona Centro in 2010, from Puerto Vallarta to Lo de Marcos.

What Time is It Back Home?

If you live in areas choose Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Winnipeg, or many of Mexico, it’s the same time in PV as it is earlier home. Travelers coming from Mountain Time (Zona Pacifico) in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will lose one hour, while those from says / provinces in Pacific Time (Zona Noroeste), such as The golden state, Oregon, and also British Columbia, stand also to shed two hours. Only the Mexican state of Quintana Roo shares Eastern Time (Zona Sureste) via major cities like NYC, Toronto, Boston, and also Miami – meaning PV vacationers hailing from here acquire an additional hour in paradise.

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When Does Daylight Savings Start & End?

Unprefer the UNITED STATE and Canada, daylight savings time in Puerto Vallarta lasts from 2am on the initially Sunday of April till the last Sunday of October.