I was freshly talking to someone that was excitedly planning her initially Theatre Weekend. During the conversation, she asked wbelow the best worth tickets were in a theatre. When I answered, “Check out the Mezzanine or the Balcony,” she replied: “Aren’t they the same thing?” So it dawned on me that while theatres and also seating might be super-evident to an knowledgeable theatre-goer, that’s plainly not the case for a theatre newbie. So let me help you try to make some sense of it! You’ll be a full pro in a couple of minutes — I promise!!

Understanding the Theatre’s Layout

Choosing which tickets to buy deserve to actually be stressful if you’re not acquainted via the layout of a Broadmeans house. Tickets are priced by section, and also there is a variant of pricing within each area. So let’s have a quick look at exactly how the theatres are primarily lassist out.

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Take a look at the Seating chart listed below. The three main seating sections in a Broadmethod Theatre are: The Orchestra (green section), The Mezzanine (in blue), and also The Balcony (purple). Let’s break down each section…


Orchestra Section

Considered the finest tickets in the home, these seats are on the major level of the theatre and sell the closest seating to the phase. The Orchestra is normally separated into 3 sections via a left and also right aisle (though this can vary from theatre to theatre). Seat numbers on the side sections are divided right into two-digit odd and also also numbers, and also the center section supplies a 3-digit seat number beginning at number 101.

“Premium” Orchestra Seats versus Standard Orchestra Seats

Within the Orchestra area, you’ll regularly find “Premium Seating,” which Broadmeans producers consider the best-of-the-best seating. These seats deserve to cost as a lot as double as various other Orchestra seats, yet are purported to offer the incredibly finest views of the phase. Standard Orchestra seats are additionally terrific, and will certainly be the second greatest tier of pricing in the home. Take mindful note as soon as booking Orchestra seats, though, because you might find standard-priced Orchestra seats positioned literally beside Premium Seats — for a lot much less money and providing fundamentally the same sight-lines of the stage.

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Seats towards the ago of the Orchestra section will have yet one more price drop from the front of the section (there deserve to periodically be 2 or 3 lower tiers of pricing at the extremely back). They might be designated as “Rear Orchestra” in some dwellings, yet more than likely are simply referred to as “Orchestra” with a reduced price tag.

Limited or Restricted View Orchestra Seats

Conversely, seats located at the too much sides of the Orchestra section might have restricted views of the phase, but are regularly steeply discounted. (You might not have the ability to check out the activity at the too much sides of the phase — but for the majority of shows wbelow the action takes location facility stage, it may not matter!) Any time you buy a seat without a 100% clear check out of the stage, it must be suggested as “Obstructed View” (or “Restricted View”) during the online booking booking process; it have to additionally be published on the ticket. (Check out our seat review links below!)