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Mark Twain"s memoir, Life on the Mississippi, contains his individual experiences as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain is a pen name) basically smooth-talked his way onto the Paul Jones and persuaded Mr. Bixby to instruct him on piloting the boat. Bixby even...

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Mark Twain"s memoir, Life on the Mississippi, has his personal experiences as a steamwatercraft pilot on the Mississippi River. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain is a pen name) fundamentally smooth-talked his way onto the Paul Jones and convinced Mr. Bixby to instruct him on piloting the watercraft. Bixby even let Clemens pay him after the fact by taking a $100 development, and he agreed to take the continuing to be $400 fee out of Clemens"s wperiods as a pilot. This was rather generous of Mr. Bixby, and also the man enabled Clemens to achieve his boyhood dream of coming to be a river pilot. Twain was likely grateful for the possibility to be taught by among the a lot of renowned steamboat pinumerous his time.

In Chapter VI, Twain describes one of his beforehand experiences on the steamboat, when he was still reasonably brand-new to the job:

I had a large margin of security intervening in between the Paul Jones and also the ships; and also within ten seconds more I was set aside in disgrace, and Mr. Bixby was going into risk aobtain and flaying me alive via abusage of my cowardice. I was stung, but I was obliged to admire the simple confidence through which my chief loafed from side to side of his wheel, and also trimmed the ships so closely that disaster seemed ceaselessly impending.

Twain recommendations Bixby"s profane language throughout the text; this which was quite customary boat speech. Still, Twain was hurt by Bixby"s insults, yet he respected his ability as a captain. In the same chapter, Twain writes:

He offered me the wheel when or twice, but I had actually no luck. I either came near chipping off the edge of a sugar-plantation, or I yawed as well far from shore, and also so dropped back into disgrace aacquire and gained abprovided.

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On a night quickly after, Twain is woken up in the middle of the night to work-related. He starts to problem that watercraft piloting is not as "romantic" as he assumed it was and also that tbelow was more work connected than he had believed. One of the other watercraft employees tells Bixby that he will certainly have to speak at Jones" plantation, and Twain thinks:

"The vengeful spirit in me exulted. I shelp to myself, "I wish you joy of your project, Mr. Bixby; you’ll have actually a good time finding Mr. Jones’s plantation such a night as this; and also I hope you never before will discover it as lengthy as you live.""

This passage clearly suggests that Twain was resentful for Mr. Bixby making him work in the middle of the night, yet he does acknowledge that it is not individual and also simply a necessity of the job. Twain"s words provide the impression that he had blended feelings of Mr. Bixby, whether it be his profanity-laced teaching methods or his abrupt waking of Twain that night. These impressions of the captain were most likely influenced by Twain adjusting to the brand-new duty and finding out that not all of his high expectations associated via steamwatercraft piloting were based on reality.