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"Chip: C"mon everybody, let"s film a video! About teeth!Record dude: Action baby!When I"m feeling lonelySad as I can beAll by myselfOn an uncharted islandIn an endmuch less sea...What provides me happy?Fills me up through glee?Those bones in my jawThat don"t have actually a flawMy shiny teeth and me!My shiny teeth that twinkleSimilar to the stars in space!My shiny teeth that sparkleAdding beauty to my face!My shiny teeth that glistenAs with a christmas tree!You know they"ll walk a mileJust to watch me smile.Woah!My shiny teeth and me!(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth...)Yes they"re all so perfect,So white and pbeforehand.Brush, gargle, rinse,A couple breath mints,My shiny teeth and me!My shiny teethSo awesome!(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth!)Similar to a favorite song.(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth!)My shiny teeth,I floss "em(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth!)So they"ll flourish to be real strong.(He"s acquired really shiny teeth!)My shiny teethI love them!(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth!)And they all love me(Ah, ah, ah!)Why should I talk to youWhen I obtained thirty two?Whoa!My shiny teeth and me.(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth...)My shiny teeth and me.(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth...)*Scenes of Chip and also among his teeth on a picnic,Chip via Timmy and tooth flying kites,Chip placing toothpaste on tooth at the beach,Chip, Timmy, and also all the teeth riding a really massive bicycle*My shiny teeth that twinkle(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth)Similar to the stars in space!(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth)My shiny teeth that sparkle(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth)Adding beauty to my face!(He"s gained really shiny teeth!)My shiny teeth that glisten(Shiny teeth, shine, shiny teeth)Just like a christmas tree!(Ah, ah, ah!)You recognize they"ll walk a mileJust to see me smile.Whoa!My shiny teeth and me!(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth...)My shiny teeth and me!(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth...)My shiny teeth and also me!(Shiny teeth, shiny teeth!)*Massive cheering*Chip: *clears teeth* Muh muh muh mumumuh... Mum uh mum muh um muh!Timmy: You sassist a mouthful."