There are many type of people who likes Fantasy, rejects truth and also thinks or imagines their own character(s), story of they choose or perhaps want to be. What is Fantasy? Fantasy is a human being via many kind of distinct rules, structures, creatures, race and type. Like a Griffin, distinct Kights, dragons and also many kind of more.

Are you the one, true Knight? Are you the true avenger? Or perform you have the pleasure of seeking others suffer? Come discover out your true inner Knight!

Created by: Lili

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What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleDo you prefer Fantasy? I desire Fantasy to be a reality! I discover Fantasy awesome! It"s cool It"s fine Not precisely bothered NopeWhat kind of Knight would certainly you be? The Shining Armour Knight of the Phoenix Red Knight Wolf & Dragon Knight Darkened Knight Knight of the HeavensYou choose Wolves and also Dragons? Both of them are awesome! Dragons however largely Wolves Wolves but mainly Dragons Just wolves Just dragons Not specifically botheredWhat kind of Dragon would you be? The Blue Flaming Dragon The Red Infinty Dragon The White Nebula Dragon (Galaxy Dragon) The Dark Flaming Dragon The Dragon of The Heavens The Clawed Dragon Warrior What type of Wolf would certainly you be? The Red Wolf of The Flames The Dark Wolf Lord The White Wolf soul The Blue Flaming Wolf of the Knight The Gray Warrior A Sworded WolfWhat"s your personality? Cool, avenges ally and sweet. Cool, energetic, hyper at times and also happy. Friendly, helps others and cares and also quiet at times. Alone, not wanting to have actually people about, tempered at times and quite independent. Has the pleasure of Death and imagines others all bloody and scarred. Not certain, (ask your friends =D ) Would you ally with the Avengers (wolves, dragons, Knights, Wizards...) or via the Shadows? (Dark Wolf Lord, Darkened Knights, darkened wolves ...) I would ally via the Avengers, it"s wrong to have actually the pleasure of Death. Sindicate Avengers. Not certain. Shadows deserve to be friendly. Ssuggest Shadows. Ally via the Shadows! Destruct the people kill and also eat everyone in my path!Just a question it has no impact 0-0I swear...You favor Melodic Dubstep? ITS DA BEST, BRING ON THE BEATS DUDE It"s awesome It"s cool Gaming music"s my thing but yeah it"s cool Dunno OtherJust a question, no result either I swear0-0What name would you be called? JUST A QUESTION!! Kylah Steve (twis) Lili John (Shed) Euan RemyDid you gain this quiz? I SWEAR NO EFFECT 0-0Do yo enjoy dis quiz tho? ... ... ... ... ... Apple

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Quiz topic: What type of Knight am I?

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