A crucible is apot, either made of ceramic or steel, which is supplied to melt a steel to anextreme temperature so that its impurities deserve to be separated and the metalmust be all set to actors. Arthur Miller has actually implied the crucible as a metaphorof serious test of individuals and also theocracy. Ala lot of eextremely major character ofthe play is subjected to be put in the crucible metaphorically and facesintense questioning, backlash, anguish and are afraid from the Salem witch trials.The idea of the crucible is existing throughout the play.

Proctorin Crucible

John Proctor iscaptured in a harsh crucible from the incredibly beginning once he is displayed practisinghis lusty partnership via Abigail Williams. Elizabeth Proctor is his actualwife yet his behaviour towards his mistress is somewhat cold. But those witchtrials readjust whatever. John realizes his foolishness of having an illicitpartnership through Abigail and as soon as Elizabeth is recorded, he strives difficult toacquire his wife out of prikid at the cost of his very own imprisonment. Proctor isasked to sign a confession but he refuses to perform so because he desires to securehis name as an honourable citizen. He expresses his views on the Crucible asfor this reason,

A fire, a fireis burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face! …. And we willburn, we will certainly burn together!

Proctor comparesthe crucible of witch trials to the burning hell in which fire has actually a closeresemblance to the actual crucible

Justiceis Crucible

Justicein the name of witch trials is itself a crucible.

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Many human being are blindly putto an extreme test whether they are witches or not. what is the significance of the title the crucible