Whether you’re simply beginning a brand-new magazine project or ramping up an existing campaign, understanding as many kind of of the benefits directory marketing presents you through is essential for acquiring the a lot of out of your future campaigns.

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In a previous blog, we observed why catalogs are making a comeago in 2019 and also why they’re one of the best print marketing devices for maximizing your ROI.

This week we’re going with some of the other advantages of catalog marketing campaigns, so you deserve to make the the majority of out of your next magazine marketing campaign.

Catalog marketing…

1. Simplifies response security and results tracking

Have finish control over how responses are measured for your brochure project utilizing some of the tips we outline in our blog article on How to Make a Catalog that Gets Results

2. Maximizes profits of digital marketing projects with a distinctive synergistic relationship

Online marketing campaigns that likewise have a direct mail catalog component get 163% more revenues than online marketing campaigns without a printed magazine component.

3. Increases brand visibility and also awareness

Whether you decide to mail your catalog to a large range of prospects or a targeted list of customers, placing a directory in the mail will gain your brand also some amount of visibility no issue what.

4. Provides niche audience targeting opportunities

Creating targeted versions of catalogs for a select list of your customers or prospects deserve to be a great means to even more successfully tailor content to media consumption actions and choices.

5. Simplifies a customer’s ordering process through mail in order develops or essential contact info

When the mode of responding is either attached or part of your mailed brochure, it couldn’t be easier for a customer to understand how to start their ordering process

6. Helps establish brand also voice and style


Because catalogs are much longer form print pieces, you have actually more area to express your brand through words and also imperiods. Make certain the architecture reflects what you want your brand’s as a whole architecture to look like, as it will be the just thing representing it to many type of prospects or customers that might not be super acquainted via your brand

7. Nurtures existing teams of customers while enhancing sales substantially

Keep your existing customers satisfied and also carry out a constant magazine of your assets for both them and also all your new prospects

8. Impresses audiences and also strengthen your brand while making it right into somepoint that your customers and also prospects want to be a part of

Sindicate having actually a catalog for your brand also is a statement about your brand’s professionalism and also size

9. Gives customers and prospects the liberty to select as soon as they’ll obtain your marketing message, enabling it to hit at the optimal time

Unprefer digital ads, print ads won’t actively disrupt the viewer’s activity to gain attention; rather print products wait till a viewer is all set to read the contents, or interested in learning more about the topic before use. Ads in print are 43% less annoying than ads on the Internet.

10. Leaves a lasting impression on customers and also prospects with a great design that they will want to keep on their coffee table, thus creating even more potential future impressions

When something looks excellent, world want to show it off! Having a well-designed cover is of utthe majority of importance to encertain your catalog finds a spot on a prospect or customer’s coffee table or magazine rack.

11. Translates into digital brochure marketing conveniently and easily by utilizing the same design

With simply a few tiny tweaks, your print file deserve to be made into a digital directory that can conveniently be embedded on any type of website. For even more information about digital catalogs and also what they’re great for, check out our blog on the topic.

12. Monetizes your marketing by including ad area for any type of of the thriving number of advertisers that are when aobtain seeing the advantage of placing ads in print publications

Interest has grown in the ad space accessible on straight mail pieces like catalogs and also mail-order-houses. As a result, ad spaces on catalogs that are mailing to huge enough audiences are extremely preferable and your deserve to have actually your magazine practically pay for itself.


13. Is among the most expense effective marketing tools this particular day as suggested by the ongoing expansion of ad spfinishing on catalogs and mail order dwellings year over year

The rapid growth of ad spending in this category (as shown in above graph) is a authorize that tright here is still untapped potential in the area of brochure marketing that could be tremendous.

14. Provides longer lasting medium than postcards or brochures (which commonly get thrown away the exact same day), which results in a longer amount of time that brand also will certainly have an impression on the recipient

Catalogs on average stick around longer than your typical postcard ad or even letter. Since 98% of consumers in the US gain their mail on the exact same day its ceded and 77% examine it immediately, it would make feeling for the shorter form spammy looking mail to get sorted out pretty early on. Catalogs frequently don’t gain thrvery own out via the initially bunch of mail, also once someone doesn’t even recognize what the magazine is for.

15. Provides customers and prospects through a considerable or carefully edited seasonal list of your assets, offering you higher manage over what sells

Whether your magazine is a seasonally curated arsenal of commodities or a listing of your complete inventory eextremely time you mail it out, the format of a directory can conveniently be adjusted to suit any type of product or business listing require.

16. Transforms to suit whatever catalog require you could have for unbeatable prices

With a little creativity any kind of listing of assets or services have the right to be transformed right into the format of a magazine. Determining what your page count and paper dimension should be is tricky, which is why we made this overview to picking the best brochure specs for your print needs.


17. Takes advantage of heralding and marketing choice trend among consumers who like catalogs over postcards or digital ads

People sindicate choose to be contacted for marketing purposes through a record medium. 56% of customers viewed print marketing as the the majority of dependable among various other networks of marketing. 82% of internet users use print proclaiming once making a purchasing decision.

18. Provides a large canvas that deserve to feature an boundless variety of various other kinds of artistic content than just simple product listings

Just because your catalog is dubbed a brochure doesn’t expect it deserve to only encompass product listings and also conventional brochure stuff. Try filling sections via editorial content to switch things up and also catch your reader by surprise.

19. Provides an excusage to contact customers at multiple points throughout the year (perhaps seasonally) as you upday editions of the magazine with brand-new products

Seasonal catalogs are the perfect method to store stirring your occasional mailing lists sufficient to store them warm without gaining as well hot.

20. Allows for maximum adaptability in how you current your information by providing a wide range of sizes and page counts

Catalogs are one of the oldest published styles, as they provide the ultimate tool for conveying complicated ideas and also indevelopment via print. Whether you call it a booklet, a directory, a magazine or a periodical, the power of published pages bound together to create a multi-paged printed item is undeniable.

Catalogs are so effective, they"ve shaped human history in a method that is undeniable. Since Gutenberg created the first printing press in the 1400s, the printed page has actually been compiled right into brochure format to insight social, political and social change and also complimentary thought. To find out even more around the means in which directory marketing is an effective alternative for any business, inspect out our blog on the topic here.

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For all these factors and also more, we believe tright here are an unbelievably large number of advantages to directory print marketing that deserve to easily be used to any type of organization, regardless of sector or company or company size.