the ownership structure of a company or firm
service organization
In which service organization does the owner have actually all the responsibility?Sole Proprietorship
This is someone who starts their very own service.

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These are laws in a city that designate particular areas to be for residential and also others for service.Zoning Laws
What happens to a single proprietorship if the owner passes ameans and also no one is left to take over?It fails and also goes under
What are organization establishments owned by two or even more people?partnerships
This form of partnership is wright here all partners share financial responsibility equally.General Partnership
This partnership is where just one perchild has full financial obligation and the other partners only invest their money.Limited Partnership
In a restricted partnership exactly how many type of human being in the partnership have actually unlimited individual liability?One-the general partner
What are the benefits of a partnership?Easy start up, Financial Impact, Shared Decision Making
What should all partnerships have that spells out the guidelines and rules for the firm or company?Articles of Partnership
What are the disadvantages of a partnership?unlimited liability, individual dispute, absence of performance
This is a semi-independent company that pays royalties to a parent companyFranchise
: a legal entity, or being, owned by individual stockholders, each of whom has actually restricted licapacity for the firm’s debtscorporation
This is a certificate of ownership in a corporationStock
Type of corporation that supplies stock to just a couple of member, aka: family.

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Closed corporation
Corporation that sells stock on the open up marketPublic Corporation
What are the advantages of stockholders?Limited licapacity, Provide Flexibility
a formal contract issued by a corporation or various other entity that contains a promise to repay borrowed money through interest at addressed intervalsbond
This is a license to create a corporation issued by the state governmentcertificate of incorporation
: the percent of corporate profits paid out to stockholdersdividend
a kind of company via restricted licapacity for the owners, through the benefit of not paying corporateLimited liability corporation
This is the combination of two firms competing in the very same sector via the exact same great or servicehorizontal merger
This is 2 or even more firms associated in various stperiods of developing the same great or company.Vertical Merger
a company combicountry merging more than three businesses that develop unassociated commodities or servicesConglomerate
a big corporation that produces and also sells its products and services in even more than one countryMultinational corporation
A service company owned and operated by a team of people for their mutual benefitparticipating organizations
What is a advantage of a participating organization?They don't need to pay taxes
Retail outlet owned and also operated by consumers that sells merchandise to members at lessened pricescustomer co-ops
What is an example of a service co-op?Credit Unions
Agrisocial marketing to help members market their productsProducer Co-ops
What does a producer co-op allow farmers to do?farm rather than sell
Operates choose a business yet does not work for the function of generating profitNon-Profit Organization
What are non-profit establishments exempt from?Income Tax
What are examples of non-profit organizationsProfessional organizations, Business and trade associations, labor unions