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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and also the bees SPECULATIVE SCIENCEWhat is the oppowebsite of Absolute Zero? If Absolute Zero is the temperature when all molecules have actually quit relocating, what is the temperature once all molecules are relocating as rapid as feasible (at the rate of light?)?Jerry Fathers, Devizes, UK That allude cannot be got to. The special theory of relativity claims that any type of molecule relocating at the rate of light would certainly be of infinite mass, so only light and also various other electromagnetic radiation deserve to relocate at the rate of light (bereason they weigh nopoint and so cannot rise in mass through speed). Clive Gordon, Ruislip, UK Were this possible, the temperature would be unlimited. However before, according to Einstein (that has yet to be proven even slightly wrong in this area) it would not be possible to accelerate even a solitary molecule or atom to the speed of light as any kind of pwrite-up via mass would call for boundless power to reach it. That"s not to say that molecules or atoms cannot be increased to exceptionally high speeds and also reach mind bogglingly high temperatures indeed, yet the rate of light and boundless temperature is not attainable. Bill, London, United Kingdom It"s not the rate of the molecules that matters, but their power (their kinetic power is on fifty percent of their mass time their rate squared). Tbelow is no upper limit to how a lot kinetic power a molecule (or any type of object) can have, however at high energies it is the mass rather than the speed of the molecules that boosts. Phil Barker, Edinburgh, Scotland also Temperature is a function of the energy of the molecules of a substance, fairly than their rate. Whilst you cannot boost the rate of a molecule to the speed of light, you have the right to lug the speed arbitrarily cshed to it. But as you method this speed, the timeless formula for energy becomes inaccurate, and the relativistic formula (which takes account of the noticeable incraese in mass) have to be offered instead. This expression for power increases without limit as the rate of the pshort article ideologies the rate of light, therefore tbelow is no top limit to the temperature of a body. Harry Braviner, Manchester UK Whilst I would certainly not in any means disagree with the last two answers, I assumed it might be worth stating that absolute zero is additionally a theoretical idea and completely unobtainable. Pete, Lyon, France Not sure of the temperature (or also if this is an answer or a whole brand-new question), however would this not occur at the event/absolute horizon of a babsence hole? My understanding would be that eextremely neutron, proton and also electron of eextremely atom of eincredibly molecule would be instantly ripped right into its component parts (probably beyond) and pulled at some mind bogglingly expensive rate - maybe even the rate of light - towards the singularity.More of a area than a temperature, yet if you could measure the temperature at the horizon, then you have your answer. Any volunteers? Ed, Matlock UK For all helpful purposes, absolute zero actually is obtainable.The most newly publiburned outcome (of which I"m aware) is from a team at MIT which, in 2003, accomplished a temperature of 450 pK (0.45 nK).In various other words, 0.45 of one billionth of a level Kelvin (or Celsius) above absolute zero.With reference to the original question, as various other contributors have actually declared, there is no opportunity of achieving anypoint choose similar proximity to any hypothetical Absolute Maximum temperature. Glenn Oliver, Ashbourne England also Don"t be so little minded people! Anything is possible and also Einstein was the initially to say exactly how displeased he was with his theories. Quantum theory throws Einsteins theories into disvariety. These theories are only speculation based upon observations and also extrapolations. Tim, Swindon UK Although this answer isn"t what a scientist would certainly provide you it sums up why tright here is no maximum temperature something deserve to reach.By subtracting energy from an object you make it cooler but tbelow is a finite amount of energy that you have the right to take away. However before you have the right to keep adding power to make the object hotter forever. This gets more complicated as you reach the speed of light because (in therory at least) a things will certainly have actually limitless mass and tbelow for need unlimited energy to move the particals faster. Hugh, Tim, the exact same is true of any type of clinical theory. It would also be equally true to say that Einstein"s relativity mirrors quantum concept to be best... all that deserve to be sassist is that neither concept has actually yet been showed wrong. The day an observation occurs that proves relativity to be wrong, I will happily soptimal believing it to be true. Clive Gordon, Ruislip UK Add your answer

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