What do the softsphere place numbers mean? In fastpitch and slowpitch, they are used in the scorebook to tell positions acomponent. Each position on the area is designated with a 1-9 number.

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The place numbers go in order, founding through the pitcher as #1, yet the shortspeak is out of order and is labeled #6 rather of #5 – all various other positions go naturally in order from pitcher to catcher, roughly the infield, then into the outarea.

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2. Catcher – Position #2 on the Field

Catchers have a really demanding role on the team – both physically and mentally.

Because the catcher should manage and corral the pitcher, he has to be physically and also mentally quick. Foul tips and lengthy days squatting and also blocking in the warm make for very long, draining days.

Demands, Skills & Role of a Catcher

The modern catcher is obtaining taller and also more athletic than in the pastCatchers must have solid legs and have the ability to withstand also some punishmentHitting abilities are a plus and also much less of a requirementCatchers must have actually a very solid armExcellent hands and receiving techniqueBlocking and quick footjob-related are criticalMust be exceptionally solid and smart mentally

Ideal Body Type and Attributes for Catchers

Thick, strong and durableTaller catchers are coming to be more commonSlightly slimmer, even more athletic and also agile catchers are coming to be more commonOverall, scouts want to watch catchers who are exceptionally athletic, solid and agile

Catchers need a strong arm, so if you should job-related on your throwing (for any kind of position, really) check out my totally free throwing webinar listed below.

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4. 2nd Baseguy (Position #4 on the area chart)

Second baseguy in softball are frequently excellent protective players but regularly absence a strong throwing arm.

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9. Right Fielder – Position #9 on the Field

Right fielders are a lot of typically well-known for their incredibly strong arms. If you should improve your throwing, check out my virtual throwing courses and also the video listed below.

The throw from right area to 3rd base is incredibly lengthy, hence the require for great arm toughness.

Demands, Skills & Role of a Right Fielder

In youth softsphere, the best fielder is just one of the lesser players on the team bereason fewer fly balls are hit that wayRight fielders have to have actually at leastern modest power and good speedIs frequently an excellent outfielder yet not as rapid or expert as the centerfielder

Ideal Body Type and also Attributes for Right Fielders

Collegiate right fielders are athletic and rapid through solid throwing armsNormally taller and have actually an athletic buildCorner outfielders do have to have some pop in their bat

Other Positions: DH + Roles of Pinch Runner, Pinch Hitter

What is the DH in softball? The Designated Hitter is a player who just hits, and also hits in location of the pitcher.


Pinch Runners enter the game to run the bases in place of one more player, however this is not really a position – even more just a function. Same goes for pinch hitters, who replace a hitter currently in the game to bat for them.

Typical Mistakes Made By Players & Parents in Choosing a Position

What place is ideal for a young fastpitch player?

What deserve to aid a young softround star reach the next level?

It’s both important to be well-rounded AND solid at 1-2 positions, yet right here are some prevalent mistakes made by softround family members.

Mistake #1: Sticking too long via a position that just isn’t a great fit

Most players desire to play the interesting positions – like pitcher, shortspeak, initially base and also centerfield.


But if a player’s skillcollection and also body kind simply doesn’t project well at that position–interpretation if a softsphere player isn’t going to be massive and strong and also hit for power like a typical initially baseman…then they have to pertained to terms with the place simply not going to work in the lengthy term.

You need to be hoswarm with yourself about the demands of the place and also whether or not it’s an excellent fit.

Mistake #2: Not being open up minded about other positions

Some players have actually the attitude of I just play 3rd base!


It’s fine to love one position even more than the others, yet in the competitive people of travel, varsity and collegiate fastpitch, it just might not be realistic that a player deserve to start at that position as they rise. If a team already has an exceptional 3rd baseman…being flexible will aid acquire playing time somewhere else.

Be willing to learn and also play various other positions – it may keep you off the bench.

Mistake #3: Playing too many type of positions

I likewise see players and also paleas loss right into the trap of playing also many type of positions at the high college level, where scouts may not be sure wright here they fit in.

Being functional is a great point and having actually energy in even more than one position can aid a player.


Yet, playing numerous positions via average ability isn’t better than playing a couple of really well.

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