Thus mass of $1~mathrmmol~ceC = 12~mathrmg$eginalign extmass of 6.022cdot 10^23 ext C atoms &= 12~mathrmg\ extmass of 1 ext C atom &= frac12~mathrmg6.022cdot10^23\&=oxed1.99cdot10^-23~mathrmg,\endalign


eginalign 1~mathrmu &= 1.66cdot10^-24~mathrmg\indicates extMass of 1~ce^12C ext atom &= 1.66cdot 12 cdot 10^-24~mathrmg\&= 19.92cdot 10^-24~mathrmg\&= 1.992cdot 10^-23~mathrmg.\endalign

Which is correct?

Also what is dimension formula of family member atomic mass, molar mass?

Why is unit of molar mass $dfrac extgram extmole$ and also not just $ extgram$ Due to the fact that once has actually this $ extmol$ come to be a unit? It"s just a number.

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Both approaches are correct.

Avogadro"s number is $6.02214129 imes 10^23$ and also represents the variety of carbon-12 atoms in 12 grams of unbound carbon-12 in the ground digital state.

$12$grams$/6.02214129 imes 10^23 = 1.9926467 imes 10^-23$grams

The combined atomic mass unit (u) is $1.660538921 imes 10^-24$ grams

$12 imes 1.660538921 imes 10^-24$ grams $ = 1.9926467 imes 10^-23$grams

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