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The Latin root word lev suggests “light in weight.” This root is the word beginning of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including elevator and also lever. The root lev is easily recalled through the word levitate: to make someone so “light” in weight that she deserve to float above the ground.

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al-to, in the direction of, near
levlight, of little weight
-atemake something have actually a certain quality

To alleviate a bad instance is to make it have actually the high quality of being “in the direction of a lighter or much less hefty side” of it, or being “close to littler weight” instead of bearing its full result. The concept of moving “in the direction of littler weight” on one’s shoulders is the crucial idea.


levlight, of bit weight
-itystate or quality

Acting via levity is being too “light” or behaving with “too bit weight” in one’s conduct in the time of a major instance.

Lev Relieves!

The English root word lev implies “light in weight.” Today we will certainly “lighten” your vocabulary pack by teaching you all about the root lev!

An simple way to remember that lev means “light” is via the word levitation, which is the act of someone’s body floating above the ground; a levitating body has been made extremely “light,” therefore can be effortlessly raised, defying gravity! The body elevates above the ground, being made “light in weight” so that it is able to be elevated. In a comparable means, an elevator renders the civilization riding in it seemingly “light” in weight as they are lifted up and also up.

Have you ever provided a lever to lift something heavy? A lever is offered to make a hefty object seemingly “lighter” in weight so that it deserve to be more easily raised. The principle of leverage comes from the principle of a lever; when a perkid has leverage in a situation, she has actually the power to affect events or world, making these instances “lighter” for her to readjust because of her capability to sway others.

Have you ever been relieved about a dangerous situation? When you feel relieved, it’s as if a good weight is being lifted from your shoulders, hence providing you a feeling of becoming “light” through relief. People deserve to regularly feel such relief when someone alleviates their trouble, or makes it “lighter” in seriousness; for circumstances, human being that take the painkiller Alleve “lighten” the pain of headaches.

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Indevelopment that is relevant to a instance is viewed as “raised” in prominence or made “light” because it has actually somepoint to carry out through the case at hand also, and also hence is readily offered. On the various other hand also, an irrelevant contribution to a task provides things “heavier” or not “light” because it has actually nothing at all to carry out via the project, therefore making the project’s progression more hard bereason it is being weighed dvery own.

Hopefully we have actually now levied sufficient relevant examples to make you feel rather “light” in your confidence concerning the root word lev!

levitation: when a body is ‘light’ sufficient to float above the ground elevate: to raise somepoint, thereby making it ‘light’ enough to execute so elevator: that which provides a body ‘light’ sufficient to be raised lever: tool which renders a hefty object ‘light’ to lift leverage: having actually the power to raise what you’d choose, hence making cases ‘light’ to control relieve: to make ‘light’ again alleviate: to make a troubling case relocate in the direction of being ‘light’ Alleve: painkiller which renders headache pain ‘lighter’ relevant: of a suggest which have the right to be raised because it is ‘light’ irrelevant: of a suggest which must not be raised because it is not ‘light’ levy: to raise somepoint because it has actually been made ‘light’