Are all the over sentences grammatically correct?What"s the difference in their meaning?



In daily speech, these sentences are all correct, both for grammar and also intake. If you were searching for deep subtleties, there are some potential slight distinctions in interpretation between how/the way and also equivalent to how/the way.

How usually means more etop quality than equivalent to, and also making use of comparable to quite than a straight comparison choose how implies you desire the listener to understand tright here are still distinctions.

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He"s exactly how I was when I was youngHe is the extremely very same as I was. He"s equivalent to exactly how I was once I was youngHe is prefer I was, however perhaps not exactly the very same.

The distinctions are most likely not significant, however. If one feels more organic to you, usage it.


All the examples are grammatically correct and also they all sound herbal to me. They expect fundamentally the exact same point, with extremely slight variations.

"He"s the way I was as soon as I was younger" sounds much more natural (via the "er" on the end of young).

Someone could say one of these points once they watch their little bit cousin and also the similarities in between them and just how they used to be. If Bob was grumpy once he was younger but eventually grew out of it, he might see a tiny child being grumpy and say "he"s exactly how I was when I was younger".


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