MAC Makeup Reviews – Part Uno of MAC Pro Store Haul

MAC Loose Beauty Powder in Natural Flare Price: $21.00 for a 0.28 jarMakeup and also Beauty Blog Rating: A+


Oh. My. Gawd. Becky.

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The Loose Beauty Powders are frickin’ exceptional.

MAC Loose Beauty Powders are sheer, jet-milled powders supplied to bring shimmer to eyes, cheeks and also skin.

Tbelow are eight colors, and also I think I desire them all!

MAC Paperwhite: Soft white via pearl reflects– MAC Micro Pink: Pale pink through red reflects– MAC Lightly Lilac: Soft lavender through violet reflects– MAC Daisy Dust: Pale banana through gold reflects– MAC Natural Flare: Peachy champagne via white and also gold reflects– MAC Peach Haze: Soft coral with gold and also bronze reflects– MAC Dancing Light: Creamy gold via white gold reflects– MAC Drizzlegold: Flechy beige via copper and gold reflects

I have actually MAC Natural Flare, a peachy champagne through white and also gold shows. Not only is the shade beautiful, it’s incredibly versatile.

In the previous 2 weeks I’ve used it in several various ways, including:

– on top of matte blushes to give them dimension– as a highlighter on the nose, chin and also upper cheekbones– with lotion and also used to legs and also arms– blended through sunscreen on days I’m as well lazy to wear foundation however still desire a little glow.

What I favored about MAC Loose Beauty Powder–gorgeous, sleek glitter that isn’t also in your face–perfect, organic looking sparkle–exceptionally sheer, yet buildable coverage. Even once I’ve accidentally overloaded my brush and also the outcomes still look great–great for a luminous J.Lo skin look

What I didn’t prefer around MAC Loose Beauty Powder

–nada! I simply wish I picked up a few even more colors!

The final wordWords can’t even begin to capture just how a lot I love this product. Ladies, acquire your hands on this asap. Tis the shizz.

… Loose beauty?


REVIEW: MAC Paintpots in Indianwood and also GroundworkPrice: $16.50 for a 0.17 oz jarMakeup and also Beauty Blog Rating: C+/B-


I’m a huge fan of MAC Paints as eyeshadow bases. Bacount a day goes by as soon as I don’t reach for my beloved Bare Canvas.

I’ve been a tiny doubtful to gain on the Repaint Pot train because the last thing I require is one more MAC obsession to fuel. However, a girl’s gotta perform what a girl’s gotta carry out. And if it’s for the sake of beauty blogging, then I’m down to make the ultimate sacrifice of feasible product obsession.

I had actually good expectations for the MAC Paint Pots and also was totally hoping they’d rock me, Amadeus.


Although I chosen the colors, I was disappointed through the texture and also performance of MAC’s Repaint Pots. My wallet will be happy to recognize that I will not be shelling out le dough to acquire all of the colors right into my makeup stash.What I chosen about MAC Repaint Pots

–excellent packaging–herbal and also pretty colors–lengthy wearing–doesn’t crease

What I didn’t favor around MAC Paint Pots

–drier formulation

If you’ve provided the previous MAC Paints in a tube, you understand that one of the substantial concerns is that the product is hard to control. It tends to shoot out of the tube, a lot ends up going to waste and the metallic packaging just sucks!

The MAC Paint Pot packaging is a huge innovation. And the stuff continues to be on forever before and doesn’t crease, which is excellent. I frequently use Indiantimber just as a wash of color anywhere the lid on days when I’m also lazy to execute a complete eye.

However, I simply feel so-so around the paint pots as a shadow base. Maybe I’m nuts (hey, it’s completely possible) yet the drier texture of the new formulation doesn’t grab or blend shadows and also the OG MAC paints.

The final word on MAC Repaint Pots

I’ll most likely buy Bare Study just to watch how it compares to Bare Canvas, however then I’ll soptimal there. I don’t lust after these enough to collect them all.

REVIEW: MAC Invisible Set PowderPrice: $24.00 for a 1.1 oz jarMakeup and also Beauty Blog Rating: B


By much for the past few months Laura Mercier Translucent Loose setting powder has been my favorite point to top off eincredibly range of foundation — tinted moisturizer, liquid structure, and so on.

Yet old beauty behavior die difficult, so I’m constantly on the hunt for new makeup.

I’ve been wanting to attempt MAC Pro’s Invisible Set for a while, so in the time of my last expedition to the MAC Pro store the initially thing on my list was this product. The Set powders are loose powders designed to stabilize and settle makeup, and also you can just purchase them at Mac Pro stores. By the means — you don’t need to have actually a card to shop at the MAC Pro Store! All you require is your crmodify card and a huge amount of self restraint.

The skinny on MAC Invisible Set Powder…

–jet-milled–contain micronized pigments and talc for pure colors and also soft application–sheer-light coverage–matte finish

Tright here are seven shades, including:

MAC Lilac: Whisper soft lavender–MAC Peach: Light-tool beige peach–MAC Deep Peach: Medium-deep beige via neutral peach undertones–MAC Soft Yellow: Creamy soft yellow–MAC Dusty Rose: Very soft pink–MAC Porcelain: Soft white–MAC Invisible: Transparent ivory

One of my worries via Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose setting powder is that it doesn’t have enough lasting shine control. I’ve read that Invisible Set is an excellent for females via oilier skin, so I was incredibly excited to watch just how it percreated in compariboy.

I’ve been alternating MAC Invisible Set makeup with Laura Mercier Translucent over the last 2 weeks. I wish I can scream from the rooftops that MAC Invisible Set is my new favorite powder but I simply feel so-so about it.

What I preferred about MAC Invisible Set Powder…

–matte finish that absorbs oil for lengthy durations of time (although this seems to be dependant on the base that I use)–only need to usage exceptionally little bit to get good coverage–no weird grey cast–expensive makeup jar!

What I didn’t prefer around MAC Invisible Set Powder…

–has a much more stark complete and not as “soft-focus” as Laura Mercier Translucent Loose–calls for even more thoughtfulness in the time of application. I can’t simply slap this on and also go. I really have to be cautious not to overpack my brush and need to dilute, dilute, dilute; otherwise my makeup looks as well Memoirs of Geisha

Invisible Set makeup definitely keeps me less oily throughout the day, yet on my skin it really depends on what form of base it adheres. I’ve tried it with miscellaneous forms of coverage, from light tinted moisturizers to tool coverage liquid foundations. By far the ideal outcomes were from the heavier coverage assets. When I wear Laura Mercier Oil-Free foundation, Invisible Set makeup really grabs onto the color and also won’t let go. But as soon as I use Laura Mericer Tinted Moisturizer, Invisible Set seems to obtain oilier much even more easily.

On me, Invisible Set gives an extra theatrical, dramatic complete than Laura Mercier Translucent. Laura Mercier’s Translucent is like “I’m running barefoot through a area of sun flowers in afternoon light in sun-dappled Tuscany” while Invisible Set is choose “I’m wearing Dubonnet red lips, a black Armani suit and four-inch Manolos and also you better move out my means as soon as I’m strutting down Market Street.” Get the picture?

You might favor MAC Invisible Set Powder if…

–you prefer to have actually a selection of powder complete options–wear heavier foundation–have actually really oily skin

The final word on MAC Invisible Set Powder…

I most likely won’t buy it aacquire ssuggest bereason of the fact that this specific jar is going to last me into the next life time. It’s huge! And I bacount have to usage any type of of it to gain good coverage.

Also, I also like to have different powder options on hand also, and also will usage this on days once I desire a much more dramatic look to my skin. It’s a fun alternative to have actually in your makeup arsenal, yet if you’ve obtained a limited budacquire then it’s not a must-have actually. However, if you’re skin is super oily and you wear heavier commodities, this can be a godsfinish.

I think later I’ll actually mix MAC Invisible Set Powder via Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. I’ll save ya’ll posted on the outcomes of this Franken-powder experiment.

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REVIEW: MAC Plushlash in PlushblackPrice: $11.00Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+ and a huge fat HELL TO THE YAH!


MAC Plushlash will kick your Plushass!

I’m normally a huge fan of drugsave (aka cheap!) mascaras and makeup, but MAC Plushlash is actually worth spending your difficult earned cash on. And, baby, I recognize you job-related hard for that money.

Plushlash awesomeness starts with the expensive brush. It’s all puppies and also rainbows from that point on, ladies:

–fantastic curl hold–great lengthening and thickening–deep, dark babsence color– doesn’t smudge

Just for fun the other day I applied 4 layers of MAC Plushlash in Plushbabsence, and also I actually went out in public without feeling prefer a total freak…

After 3 years of hefty weight dominance, MAC Plushlash now knocks out DiorSjust how as my brand-new fave higher end mascara. LOVE IT!

How’s your Saturday been? I’ve been slightly out o’ commission because earlier now I was listening to “Get Low” by Flo-Rida (She hit the floor, following point ya recognize she gained low, low, low, low…). I began dancing around the house, which is standard operating procedure ’round below, and then proceeded to pull a muscle as soon as I gained low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low. Yes, this is what happens when you’re 32 and also you don’t heat up! So I’ve been wobbling roughly all day prefer a piprice with a wood leg. Not cute!