What is error code 50

Author: Santosh Kumar Gupta | Updated on April 5, 2021| Data Recoincredibly | Mac File Recoexceptionally | 6 min read

Summary: Is your Mac throwing the error code 50 when you try to move or delete documents from your exterior tough drive? Don’t worry! Find Out exactly how to solve error code 50 on Mac. If you lose data in the troubleshooting process, downfill cost-free Mac outside hard drive recoincredibly tool to recoup lost data on your Mac. The software application is compatible with macOS Big Sur and also earlier versions.

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“Hi friends, I tried to copy 8 GB of video files from my external tough drive to my MacPublication Air. However, it took eras to perdevelop the easy copy job, and also many of the records weren’t duplicated. So, I tried trashing the records from the exterior drive. But this time, it threw the error message “The operation can"t be completed. An unsupposed error developed (error code 50)”. Could anybody suggest a way to resolve the issue? Thanks for your support.”

Although macOS provides a user-friendly interchallenge that is rather intuitive, the operating system’s cryptic error codes don’t administer much information to troubleshoot when things are not working correctly. One of these is the error code 50 that pops up as soon as you attempt to copy, move, or delete papers from your exterior hard drive, SSD, or USB flash drive. The error message is as follows:

Image: Unmount External Drive Using Disk Utility

b) Unplug the exterior difficult drive, go to the Apple food selection, and also select Shut Dvery own to power off your Mac.

c) Wait for 1 to 2 minutes to drainpipe any power left on your Mac power capacitors. Press the Power button to switch on your Mac.

d) Reconnect the exterior tough drive to your Mac, then let it mount instantly. Now, attempt to control your documents from the external hard drive.

If this solution doesn’t assist, continue to the following troubleshooting strategy.

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Reset Power-Related Setups on Your Mac

Try to recollection SMC, NVRAM, and PRAM to fix the Mac error code 50.

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Rename the Affected File from the External Hard Drive

You deserve to attempt renaming the troubled file that throws the error code 50. The measures are as follows:

a) Secondary-click the affected file and also select Rename.

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Image: First Aid of Disk Utility

c) Click Run to allow Disk Utility to repair the external difficult drive. Quit the app as soon as done.

When the drive repair is successful, you can hopefully control records from the outside tough drive.

Recover Files from External Hard Drive Using Free Mac Data Recovery Tool

If Disk Utility falls short to repair the external difficult drive and information is inavailable, recoup vital documents from the outside drive making use of a totally free Mac data recoextremely software application.

Steps to recover data for totally free are as follows:

a) Downfill and also install *Stellar Documents Recovery Free Edition on your Mac. 

b) Watch the video below to learn exactly how to usage the software application to recoup your shed data.

*Stellar Documents Recoexceptionally Free Edition for Mac scans your drive, reflects recoverable file ptestimonial, and also recovers approximately 1 GB of files free of cost. To recoup without any limit, you have to upgrade the software application to the Professional or Premium edition. Don’t worry! All these software application assets have a 30-day money-earlier guarantee, so upgrade without any kind of second thought.

Style External Hard Drive Using Disk Utility

Once you’ve recovered all your documents and folders from the external difficult drive, format the drive using Disk Utility. In case the exterior storage drive is formatted in NTFS or other macOS incompatible file mechanism, erase the tough drive or SSD in APFS or HFS+ format. For a USB flash drive, erase it via exFAT or FAT32 format for cross-compatibility via Windows and macOS. Finally, gain back the recovered information to the formatted external drive. The Mac error code 50 won’t annoy you anymore on your outside storage tool.

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Now you understand just how to deal with the Mac error code 50 on an external difficult drive. And if you lose information because of any type of reason, you deserve to count on Stellar File Recoincredibly Free Edition for Mac to recuperate approximately 1 GB of your shed files for complimentary. This totally free Mac file recovery software application is compatible through macOS Big Sur 11 and earlier versions.