We're searching for all the DC Comics easter eggs in Elsecivilizations, this year's DC TV Arrowverse crossover.

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What’s interesting is all the dead heroes surrounding him. On the original Flash TV series, tright here was never any kind of indication of a wider DC Universe (hell, we badepend obtained any villains from the comics on it). Here, it appears that in the last 27 years or so, tright here have actually been plenty of heroes popping up. Amongst the dead you can spot Stargirl, Ray, a Green Arrow wearing a costume that looks suspiciously choose the Smallville version, at least one of the Hawks, and some others. Drop us a line in the comments around who else you spotted on Earth 90 and we’ll save updating this!

– They rather plainly teased the old The Flash TV series layout at the exceptionally end of his scene, too!

Also, they really missed a trick by not letting John Wesley Shipp open up the episode doing the “My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the Fastest Man Alive” narration, however whatever before, this is still incredibly cool.

– We don’t really waste any type of time jumping right into the multiversal craziness. The being placing Flash on the ground is the Monitor from Situation on Infinite Earths, and also we’ve obtained a lot even more information on him appropriate here. Potential spoilers await through him, though, so be careful!


– Jeremy Davies is playing John Deegan, aka Doctor Destiny. If you acknowledge the name, it’s most likely from one of 2 places: the episode of Justice League wbelow he made everyone however Batman loss asleep to take over the human being, or the diner issue of Sandman. One was great! And one was also great but super messed up.

Dr. Destiny was produced by Gardner Fox in 1961 as a Justice League villain. His powers are anywhere the area, but are of late primarily tied to dreaming and also sleeping. Uh-oh…I wonder if that indicates somepoint for the crossover.

– The Monitor hands Dr. Destiny a book that supposedly gives him the power to cause the crossover to take place. This book is chained and also latched, but Deegan opens it and gets some type of power. The closest comic book equivalent to the Book of Destiny shows up to be inFinal Crisis, there’s a book that Superguy and Ultramale check out that has eincredibly story ever in it. It might be this. Second concept coming later on.


– You recognize that old sailor’s cliche: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red skies in morning, something is desperately wrong via the Multiverse. Seriously, eexceptionally time there’s a Situation or a multiversal collapse somewright here, it’s preyielded by red skies and yellow lightning.

– ”Ivo Labs” is most likely started by Professor Ivo, an additional Gardner Fox development and also among DC’s stable of excellent mad researchers. His best production (besides Tomorrow Woman) is most likely Amazo, an android that can duplicate any superpower he sees. The problem? Well, the just Professor Ivo we recognize in the Arrowverse has been dead considering that the Arrow seaboy 2 flashbacks. Does this raise a mystery for future episodes?


– Oh hey, to nobody’s surpincrease Amazo is in this too! Funny sufficient, Oliver seems to take the Amazo name in stride, considering his own background with Professor Ivo and a particular ship from the beforehand days of the Arrow flashbacks. TV Amazo looks means cooler than comics Amazo, but their gimmick of adapting to the powers of whatever before heroes are fighting them is directly out of the comics.


– Ralph’s “He simply klaatu barada kickto’ed our asses” is a Day the Planet Stood Still joke (that’s wbelow Military of Darkness stole it from, but you currently knew that because you’re all incredibly smart), about exactly how much Amazo looks like the shapeless robot alien from that movie.

– As cool as it is to see Amazo using Red Tornado’s powers to fly roughly, there’s no Red Tornaexecute on this Planet (he did, but, appear in numerous episodes of Supergirl), and he was created by a entirely different mad scientist (Professor T.O. Morrow).

– Diggle pukes eexceptionally time he goes super fast, and I love that that joke keeps coming back. It always feels like a bit of a nod to just how Laurie Jupiter can’t keep her lunch down any kind of time that Doctor Manhattan teleports her anywhere in Watchmen.

– Multiversal numbering is weird. There’s the comics multiverse, which has actually its own numbering but is likewise limitless? But then there’s the DARK multiverse, which has actually comparable numbering to the regular comics multiverse, however with negative numbers. And there’s the TV multiverse, where The FlashArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow take area on Earth 1; Supergirl takes area on Planet 38, and the old The Flash TV series appropriately took location on Earth 90.

It’s impressive just how they controlled to touch on so many type of various TV and also movie versions of Superguy in the few scenes via Lois and also Clark in the episode…

– That’s the design template from Smallville playing when they acquire to Earth 38. That’s also the Kent farmhome from that display. The red pickup truck was constantly prominently featured in that show, but its vintage here makes it feel even more like a nod to the version checked out once the Kents find young Kal-El in Superman: The Movie.

– The Superman: The Movie recommendations don’t finish tbelow. Clark introduces himself as “a friend,” which is not just an on-brand point for Superman to say, it’s just how Christopher Reeve introduced himself to Marobtained Kidder’s Lois Lane after the renowned helicopter rescue from that film.

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– The connection in between our new Lois Lane and also Superguy feels veryLois & Clark. I don’t think that’s a mistake, although Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane performance feels inspired by Maracquired Kidder from the Christopher Reeve movies.

– On the various other hand, she is wearing purple, which is a definite nod to the character design fromSuperman: The Animated Series. She also calls Clark “Smallville!”