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Catalyst Control Center is a utility that"s bundled with thedriver that renders your AMD video card work. It mirrors up as CCC.exe in yourtask manager, and under many scenarios, you will not need to issue around it. You might have to dig right into your Catalyst Control Center settings if you play games on your computer system, and also it may call for attention if it ever goes haywire, but you"re usually safe just leaving it alone.

What Does Catalyst Control Center Do?

Catalyst Control Center starts up when you turn on your computer because it has to run in the background to control your AMD video card's procedure. The exact same software was additionally supplied to control ATI video cards before AMD purchased ATI, so older computer systems with ATI cards may additionally have actually CCC.exe set up.

If you do not play video games on your computer, you most likely will not ever before need to touch Catalyst Control Center, however if you do, the software program allows you to inspect for driver updays for your video card and control the card"s procedure.


If your copy of CCC.exe is legitimate, the command also line column's place will be something comparable to Program Files (x86)/ATI Technologies. Whenever CCC.exe mirrors up in any kind of various other area, that's an indication that it may be malware.

How to Fix CCC.exe Problems

When CCC.exe experiences a trouble, it might reason an error message to pop up on your display. Some prevalent error messeras include:

CCC.exe has stopped working.CCC.exe has actually experienced a difficulty.Catalyst Control Center: hold application has encountered an error and also demands to cshed.

It usually happens as soon as something gets corrupted, and the most common remedies are to repair the Catalyst Control Center installation or reinstall it. In older versions of Windows, you can do this in theControl Panel"s Programs and Featuresarea. In Windows 10, navigate toApps and FeaturesinWindows Settings.

The even more straightforward option is todownfill the newest version of Catalyst Control Center directly from AMD. When you run the Catalyst Control Center installer, it must remove the corrupted variation and also install a working variation.

Because Catalyst Control Center isn"t a important energy, you deserve to alsoproccasion it from running as soon as your computer starts. Doing so avoids you from accessing any progressed settings for your video card, but it need to additionally soptimal annoying error messages.

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If you have an AMD graphics card, yes, you execute. The CCC is a critical tool you can use to tweak the performance of your games. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card or use included graphics from, say, Intel, you will usage various other software that do the very same points.