SuperType and SubType in Data Modeling:

At times, few entities in a data version might share some common properties (attributes) within themselves apart from having actually one or even more distinctive features. Based on the features, these entities are categorized as Superkind and Subtype entities.

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Supertype is an entity kind that has actually acquired partnership (parent to boy relationship) via one or more subforms and also it includes attributes that are common to its subtypes.

Subtypes are subgroups of the supertype entity and have distinct attributes, but they will be different from each subtype.

Superkinds and Subkinds are parent and child entities respectively and also the major keys of superkind and also subtype are constantly the same.

E.g. People, Bank Account, Insurance, Asset, Liability, Crmodify Card.

When creating a documents model for PEOPLE, you have the right to have a superkind entity of PEOPLE and also its subkind entities can be seller, customer, and also employee. People entity will have features favor Name, Address, and also Telephone number, which are prevalent to its subforms and you can style entities employee, merchant, and consumer with their very own unique features. Based on this scenario, employee entity can be further classified under different subtype entities prefer HR employee, IT employee and so on. Here employee will be the superset for the entities HR Employee and IT employee, however aobtain it is a subtype for the PEOPLE entity.

A perkid deserve to open a savings account or a certificate deposit (fixed deposit) in a financial institution. These accounts have actually attributes favor account number, account opening date, account expiry day, primary amount, maturity amount, account balance, interest rate, checks issued, pre-cancellation fee etc. While designing a file design, you can develop superform parent entity as “Account” and also subform entities as Savings Account and Certificate Deposit. Account entity will certainly keep characteristics like account number, interest rate that are common to savings account and certificate deposit entity. Savings account entity will certainly have actually features choose account balance and checks issued. While resolved deposit entity will have features like account opening, account expiry day, principal amount, maturity amount, pre-cancellation fee and so on When you architecture a logical information design in this manner, it provides more meaning to the organization and the features are not cluttered in one table.

Supertype & Subform Example:

One excellent instance for explaining this SuperType & SubType is describing the Tax Terms related to Employees. Here Employee is the SuperType or the Parent Entity whereas the two Child Entities “FULL TIME EMPLOYEE W2” & “HOURLY EMPLOYEE 1099” are the SubTypes.


More Examples:

Insurance entity deserve to act as superkind and also entities like health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, malpractice insurance and so on, deserve to be subform entities.

Asset entity deserve to be the supertype and entities like financial institution, real estate, auto, retirement fund, stocks, and also life insurance and so on, deserve to be subform entities.

Liability entity may be the superform and also entities like actual estate, auto loan, alimony, various other debts and so on, may be subtype entities.

Credit card entity may be the superkind and also entities choose balance move cards, cash ago credit cards, service credit card, student crmodify card, secured credit card and so on, might be the subkind entities.

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