Sorry for my week of silence (if you noticed). It was just as well difficult to entertain out-of-towners in my hometvery own while additionally being on-line. Somejust how they assumed hikes and malls and also museums and also restaurants were more exciting than watching me type. But among those travellers to my little bit Amerideserve to hometvery own were ten British English speakers. Predictably, tright here were lots of linguistic discussions. Unpredictably, the weather took an unwelcome revolve and also the most discussed words (in August!) were jumper, sweater and terms for related items of clothing.Many BrE-AmE dictionaries will certainly tell you that BrE jumper = AmE sweater, yet this is a small misleading and far from the entirety story. When referring to knit(ted) garments, AmE sweater has actually a lot bigger application than BrE jumper, which refers just to (primarily long-sleeved) pullovers--that is, they are donned by pulling them over the head. In BrE, jumper stands in comparison to cardigan, a word that is provided in AmE, yet sweater is provided frequently in AmE to refer to cardigans too. So, AmE sweater is a superordinate term or hyper(o)nym, which contains cardigans and also pullover sweaters. In BrE, jumper is not the hyperonym of cardigan, yet kind of its "opposite".Jumper in AmE is a kind of dress, referred to as a pinafore (dress) in BrE. (Both dialects have the "apron" feeling of pinafore.) In other words, it"s a sleeveless dress that"s made to be worn over a blouse or various other peak. Thus my mother, that finds cross-dressing unexpected and also hilarious, constantly has something to say when Better Half states he"s going to put on his jumper.

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Another sweater that is not a jumper is the (AmE) sweater vest (illustration from this catalog(ue) site). Now, tright here are 2 factors why this isn"t called sweater vest in BrE: (1) sweater is AmE (as already established!), and also (2) in BrE vest is primarily supplied to refer to (more commonly AmE) undershirts (via or without sleeves) or sleevemuch less undershirt-like points worn by sports players. In AmE, on the various other hand also, a vest is a sleevemuch less garment for the upper body that"s frequently worn over a shirt. This includes the sort that one finds in three-item suits, which have butlots up the front, and also which BrE speakers call a waistcoat. Vest was as soon as offered in BrE for what are currently referred to as waistcoats--initially the term for an extra complex garment:The earliest waistcoats, intfinished to show with the slashings and various other openings of the doublet, were regularly extremely elaborate and also costly. They were occasionally offered through sleeves, and show up to have actually reached to or listed below the hips. (OED)So, Americans retained an old (but absolutely not the original) definition of vest, while the British readjusted the interpretation of an additional term. A connected term that I"ve only heard in the UK is gillet (also gilet), for a type of furry waistcoat/vest that came to be fashionable a couple of years earlier. (Here"s a photo.) I was questioning whether I"ve only heard it in BrE because it"s only been fashionable considering that I moved here, yet the majority of of Google results for gillet + fur are from the UK, so I"m suspecting that it"s a much more prevalent term in BrE these days. On an American catalog(ue) site, I discover comparable items explained as fur vests.But I"ve got(ten) ameans from the question: what is the BrE for (AmE) sweater vest? It
is, in my puzzled endure, tank height. Here"s a so-label(l)ed photo from a UK retailer. The experience was confmaking use of for me because of the AmE interpretation of tank top: a sleevemuch less undershirt (nowadays often worn as an only-shirt). I was wearing among those now, so had the opportunity to ask Better Half what he"d contact such a point, and also his (sorry, honey) rather unsatisfying answer was "t-shirt", later adapted to "sleevemuch less t-shirt". A more precise BrE term is singlet (as one have the right to watch here), however it"s not a term one hears a lot these days. Such undershirty points are likely to be referred to as vests, as one deserve to watch as soon as searching "vest" on the Next website.
This brings to mind another (colorful but unfortunate) Americanism: wife-beater, which is a slang term for the kind of tank top/vest that Marlon Brancarry out wore in Streetauto Named Desire. claims (I"ve never before heard it) that wife-beater is also BrE slang for Stella Artois beer--which brings one back to Brando and Streetvehicle (Steeelllllaaaaa!).Getting earlier to sweater and jumper, there are even more ways in which the previous is more general than the latter. For example, I have fine-gauge, short-sleeved knit(ted) tops (prefer this one on Knit Sisters) that I"d just wear on their own--not over another shirt/blouse--and also that I"d speak to sweaters. I"d not feel comfy calling such points jumpers in BrE, though. Searching summer-sweater on Google Imeras brings up imeras of both short-sleeved and also sleevemuch less tops and also lightweight, long-sleeved sweaters/jumpers, however searching summer-jumper just results in lightweight, long-sleeved jumpers/sweaters and AmE jumpers (the one short-sleeved one is a red herring: it"s on the same page as a long-sleeved one that has actually the "summer jumper" label). What would one contact a "summer" sweater in BrE? My finest guess is that it"s just a peak. (BrE-speaking "summer sweater" wearers, what carry out you think?)And speaking of height (once I acquire going, I just can"t shut up, can I?), I find that it"s offered much even more regularly in BrE than in AmE. And in AmE, one is more most likely than in BrE to speak to a woman"s blousage or optimal a shirt.

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I"m not saying that these terms aren"t used in both dialects, but just that their frequency/commonality appears to be different--at leastern in the forms of BrE and AmE I"ve been exposed to. But on that intuitional note, I"ve obtained to go bed...