While I recognize you can attribute "bitch" to a male, I feel tright here is a sense of femininity.

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I was wondering if tbelow is a colloquial indistinguishable that defines someone with the attributes of a "bitch" without the feminine connotation.

Aside from that, Wikipedia claims that,

When applied to a male, bitch is a derogatory term for a subordinate.

Does this show that bitch loses its meaning totally as soon as attributed to a male? Since the word is vulgar and also informal, does it also matter?



It has been clarified in the comments that the specific goal below is to find a generic insult that is used just to men, in the very same way that ‘bitch’ is used just to woguys once offered as a generic insult.

As such, I would certainly suggest dick(head), douchebag, wanker (largely UK jiyuushikan.org), or prick.

These are all quite generic terms of abuse that don’t indicate or focus on anypoint in specific around the perkid at whom abusage is being hurled (unchoose, say, ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’, which focus on the target’s knowledge, or lack thereof), however are unlikely to be offered in the direction of woguys.

Edit to add:

As provided in the comments, these can have more certain interpretations than being simply generic. If you say that someone is being a dick about something, that generally implies that they are acting in a condescfinishing, obstreperous, arrogant manner. This nuance is missing if you simply usage the words appositively to a pronoun, i.e., say “You dick!” to someone.

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In a lot of basic feeling, "bastard" deserve to be an identical and it appears prefer the most global term. (also in some other languages)

As in "You bastard!" versus "You bitch!". But tright here deserve to still be different senses between them. It counts on the instance.

From Etymonline:

use as a vulgar term of abusage for a man is attested from 1830

I also discovered passperiods that support my answer from publications of experienced world.

From the book "Emancipatory Movements in Composition: The Rhetoric of Possibility"By Andrea Greenbaum (2012):


From the book "The Anatomy of Swearing" By Ashley Montagu (1967) (Note: Even ~50 year earlier, there is the very same idea)


Tbelow is manwhore additionally for an equivalent of the original sense:

(slang) A male that sells his body for money; a male prostitute.

(slang) A promiscuous guy that has actually no regard for his sex-related partners or the emotional value of his relationships.

Note: This is more of an indistinguishable of "slut" in modern usage. Slut is even supplied for men periodically.

Wikipedia also says: (for "bitch")

Its original use as a vulgarism, recorded to the fourteenth century, said high sexual desire in a woguy, equivalent to a dog in warmth. The range of meanings has broadened in contemporary consumption.

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Tbelow is also the term "man bitch" according to urbandictionary. (Note: This usage is not prevalent though.)

A male that acts prefer a bitch. Malicious, unpleasant selfish person; particularly favor a woguy. Weak or comtemptible.