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We were created each otherI"m for you (you"re for me)There will never be anotherI"ll be yours eternaly.For as long as the people turnsAnd the leaves of autumn fallLong as there"s a star in heavenI"ll be waitin" for your call.We were produced each otherI"m for you (you"re for me)Tbelow will certainly never be anotherI"ll be yours eternaly.--- Instrumental ---(For as long as the wind blowsLong as summer follows springLong as winter brings the snowflakesI will love you constantly.)We were made for each otherI"m for you (you"re for me)Tbelow will never before be anotherI"ll be yours eternaly...No tright here will never be anotherI"ll be yours eternaly...
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