Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di What If It Was Me di Tech N9ne contenuta nell"album The Storm (Deluxe Edition). “What If It Was Me” è una canzone di Tech N9ne. What If It Was Me Lyrics.


Free your mind, and rememberWinners are not people that never before failBut world that never quitAll I ever wanted wregarding sellRecords to the world make most mil", yessirRap to me, it was the holy grailI"m gonna go and execute it, I"m never gonna failYeah, yet initially I gotta make it out of Hell

Wake up and also I see crimeAll of us we on it"s eat timeMy homies love me yelling "Peace N9ne"At the very same time, throwing B signsThrowing em earlier and repping the street, I"mDoing music and also I"m creating beast rhymesBut my V-Slimes, had no weak mindsGot through the music, started a group and we shineMusic offered us hella hopeMade it up out of the bangin" and also sellin" dopeWe were more powerful than a bottle of YokeTill one of our members uncovered a kid to gropeThen your honor provided the peddy the ropeLosing a man, the band also began to slopeNever did think a setup was damned to croakSo doing it solo-dolo stands the G.O.A.TStarted making hella LP"s2000, all the way to 5, felt freeSince of the hand also the label dealt meBut in ‘06 Fontana assisted us melt cheeseNumber one independent gonna be spending a ton of funds, in a minuteThat"s when the federal government desire the sums, then I sfinish itIn a couple of months I"m done and also replenished

Everywhere I go, I"m marketing out the showAround the human being I kill em and also everybody knowWhenever we hit the studioAnd Tecca Nina drop, hotEven though I will go toe to toeIf somebody bang on me, however I"m rolling in the doughAnd I"m really respected and protectedChances of me obtaining shot, not

Everyone loving the TechPublishin", I acquire a checkLoving the cities that via me, the world that contact me the bestI don"t have actually any type of regret, but it"s a little bit of neglectMissing my babies I love em and none of "em leaving me yetFeeling great choose a villain shouldIn a mansion, but I"m still in hoodsNot choose Trayvon, J"s onKhaki shorts via a red tee favor I will certainly and couldI deserve to conceal it my permits sayIf evil happens to swerve this wayHope nobody deserves quick sprayI feel an angelic surge this dayThey feeling my songsBeen doing it longThey want me to offer "em my CD appropriate outta my homeCos I"m in the zoneI"m putting em on in front of the save once a pair of police will not leave me aloneWhy they tripping?I fit the descriptionIt"s two of them rushing me I"m on a solo missionTo acquire human being to listen, yet they pushing and also kicking meI"m on the ground once they informing me, "Causage of a gun suspicion"It remained in my pocket, ain"t trying pop itWhen they scared of a brother via a gun no one can stop itThen among em shed it, and also then I was shot quickOfficers took me to heaven, I"m dead and via multiple rocketsDidn"t matter I was excellent and also living inside a mansion next to sphere players"Cause of the relocate he made was drastic currently I lay in a casket brought by my pallbearersFears what I see, making em kill a GRotten apple in the batch; don"t tell the rest to fleeThis occurred in Baton, R-O-U-G-E, even I fit the descriptionWhat if it was me?

What if it was meWhat if I never before gained the one chance to beEverypoint and also everywhere I go, I wouldn"t seeIf by your hand you took that from meBut what if it were me?Laying ideal thereI"ll never acquire up aacquire, it"s so unfairMy babies cry outYou never before caredThings that we do make each other so scaredSo what if it was you there?(Should I just) Take your life(Should I bust) Make your wife widowed, withered, hugging the pillowThe scent of you still on herSpirit she feels on herThe entirety human being weepsBlood we all spill on herAnd I know, it’s ill will; the pill’s tough to swallowHow need to I feel once I"m being adhered to (followed)By the words that you say to me? (Crazy)And you saved my life, take my life

I gotta fight, every one of the night via cops, crips, bloods with sore fistsI gotta fight, all of the night via cops, crips, bloods through sore fistsI gotta fight, all of the night with cops, crips, bloods with sore fistsI gotta fight, all of the night with cops, crips, bloods with sore fists and them Nazis