If you’re struggling to find the answer to ‘What goes in difficult and comes out soft’ riddle – don’t problem, we’ve obtained you spanned.

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As civilization are advised to continue to be at home and help the NHS during the pandemic, many have started searching for advantageous and also mental tasks to execute through their families and friends.

For circumstances, riddles and also puzzles have actually come to be a large obsession for many during the lockdvery own duration. 

After watching eincredibly single series on Netflix, catching up with old ones, taking part in social media challenges, riddles have actually become the go-to activity for many type of that want to keep their brains energetic.

The ‘What goes in difficult and also comes out soft’ riddle has left many civilization puzzled. So, here’s the answer for you. 


‘What goes in hard and comes out soft’ riddle

The full question of the riddle is the following: 

What goes dry and also difficult, but comes out soft and wet?
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There’s likewise a variation of the question as rather of soft and also wet, in some cases the riddle asks soft and sticky. 

Hopetotally, this riddle hasn’t made you go outside of package bereason the answer is fairly basic.

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Solve it ..

What goes in soft and difficult and comes out soft and also sticky ? pic.twitter.com/2OmAo0nppk

— AussieOnBoard (
Cryptic_Oz) April 17, 2020

 Answer: ‘What goes in hard and also comes out soft’ riddle

The answer is bubble gum.

While the answer to this riddle is pretty straightforward, some have actually come up with even more creative answers.

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Some Twitter customers have actually gone for pasta, spaghetti, tea bags (??), sponges, among many even more.

Spaghetti and also pasta would certainly work-related as they are tough and dry before they obtain cooked, but we don’t think you have the right to define a pasta meal as somepoint wet, right?

Plus, sponges absolutely don’t work in this scenario as the majority of of them are made from a soft product. 

As such, the only right answer to this riddle continues to be bubble gum. End of story. 

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Riddle This?What goes in hard and also dry and also comes out soft and wet?


What else were you reasoning man??

— Hamlet Ice (
IceHamlet) January 31, 2020

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