Olithrough Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi"s song, "The Window in the Wall" dropped the exact same week of President Joe Biden"s inauguration, amidst historic political department in the United States. Political leaders on both sides of the aisle are urging a return to unity, though many type of Democrats, consisting of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have actually said that tright here can be no unity without accountcapacity.

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Newton-John does not regularly comment publicly on her personal political leanings, but Lattanzi has been a vocal critic of previous President Donald Trump on her Instagram, and has actually voiced strong support for causes choose Black Lives Matter. Both mommy and also daughter are additionally passionate around the atmosphere, and Newton-John has actually a structure dedicated to researching plant-based cancer therapies. Though not explicitly political, "The Window in the Wall" certainly has a message for our minute.

Whatever the pair"s political leanings are, the music video for "The Window in the Wall" certainly does not take a particular side. Read on to check out what Newton-John and Lattanzi have sassist about the song, why it fits this minute, and also what "The Window in the Wall" really implies. 

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Echoing freshly inaugurated President Joe Biden and half of the articles in your Facebook feed, Oliusing Newton-John and her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, speak to for unity and healing in their new duet, "The Window in the Wall surface."

"I"ve always took pleasure in singing duets even more than singing on my very own and also as soon as I first heard this song, I knew immediately that I wanted to sing it with my daughter Chloe," Newton-John said in a Eco-friendly Hill Productions push release. "The lyrics and melody really resonated with me and I hoped Chloe would feel the very same method — and also luckily she did!"

The song"s lyrics include: "Has this human being forgained how to love? Are we blinded by the hate we let inside?" and also "Maybe we have the right to check out the various other side/And discover we"re not so various after all/Looking for a window in the wall."

Lattanzi sassist she hoped the message of the song would certainly resonate with people during these turbulent times. "We are all component of the same human race and if we listen to each other, respect each other and also love each various other — for both our likenesses and our distinctions — we could simply understand each various other a lot even more," she sassist.

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Accompanying the brand-new song, the mother and also daughter duo also released a music video. The video depicts both womales, dressed in white, against a relaxed, organic backdrop. It appears that to Newton-John and also Lattanzi at leastern, this is what peace on earth looks like.