What is a “metric” in Google Analytics? <2017 question>

a) A measurement that have the right to aid you analyze site performance. b) The dates in your day selection. c) A segment of information separated out in a report for comparichild. d) The numbers in a documents set frequently paired through dimensions.

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Answer: d) The numbers in a file collection regularly paired via dimensions.

What does the “Users” metric measure?

a) The full number of visits to your webwebsite b) Users that had at least one session on your website in the given day selection c) Users that landed on the homeweb page of your website d) Users that have actually signed approximately an e-mail newsletter on your website

Answer: b) Users that had actually at leastern one session on your site in the offered day range

Which of the following says a poorly performing landing page?

a) Bounce Rate > 90% b) Bounce Rate c) % New Visits > 90% d) % New Visits e) Namong these answers

Answer: a) Bounce Rate > 90%

Which of the adhering to Behavior metrics shows the number of sessions that consisted of a see of a page?

a) Visits b) Unique Pageviews c) Pageviews d) Bounce price e) Unique Visits

Answer: a) Visits

Which of the complying with are valid scopes for dimensions?

a) user level, project level, session level, hit level b) campaign level, session level, hit level c) session level, hit level d) namong these answers is correct e) user level, session level, hit level

Answer: e) user level, session level, hit level

What does Google Analytics speak to a URL that passes parameters of valuable information for reporting?

a) A information stream b) A hit c) A dimension d) A metric

Answer: b) A hit

You want to explore traffic metrics by gender and age. Which of the complying with sections in Analytics will be a lot of useful?

a) Behavior b) Conversion c) Admin d) Audience e) Acquisition

Answer: d) Audience

Which of the complying with are steps of web traffic volume?

a) Avg. Time on Site b) Margin c) Bounce Rate d) Visits

Answer: d) Visits

Which of the adhering to reporting dimensions would be valuable to recommendation if you were rebuilding a website?

a) Browser b) Device category c) Language d) All of these dimensions e) None of these dimensions

Answer: d) All of these dimensions

Note: Tbelow also exists a version of this question where “device category” is reinserted by “screen colors”. The answer is of course the exact same.

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Which of the following metrics shows the variety of times your ads were displayed?

a) Impressions b) CTR c) Visits d) Clicks e) Pageviews

Answer: a) Impressions

Which of the following are dimensions?

a) % New Sessions b) Bounce price c) Convariation Rate d) Screen resolution e) Region

Answer: d) + e)

Which of the following are dimensions?

a) Conversion Rate b) % New Sessions c) Bounce Rate d) Region

Answer: d) Region

The adhering to are examples of dimensions:

(select all that apply)

a) Traffic source b) Page name c) Counattempt d) Unique visitors

Answer: a), b), c)

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Blog post author16. May 2016 at 12:48 PM

Hello Gen,

we think that VISITS ist the correct answer, below is why: “A unique pagecheck out aggregates pageviews that are produced by the same user in the time of the exact same session. A distinct pageview represents the number of sessions throughout which that page was regarded one or even more times.” (https://assistance.google.com/analytics/answer/1257084?hl=en). On the various other hand, a visit is a session that includes the watch of any kind of web page. By the way, Google does not use the term “visit” any even more, just “session”.