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The Latin root sent and its variant develop sens mean to ‘feel.’ Some widespread English words that come from these two roots include sensation, sensible, resent, and consent. Remember that when you sense somepoint you ‘feel’ it, and also when you are being sentimental, your ‘feelings’ take precedence over anything else.

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sentfeel, sense, perceive, notice
-entbeing in a state or condition

A sentient being “is in a state of feeling, sensing, perceiving, or noticing” its surroundings.


con-with, together
sensfelt, sensed, perceived
-uscreates a Latin noun

When everyone in a team has actually reached a similar opinion that they have actually “felt with” various other members of the group, that group has reached a consensus.

Sensational ‘Sens’ & ‘Sent’

The Latin root sent and also its variant develop sens suppose to “feel.”

When something provides sense to you, you can quickly gain a ‘feeling’ for it. When something is nonsensical, on the various other hand, you can’t gain a ‘feeling’ for it at all! When you perform somepoint sensible, it’s what is ‘felt’ to be the ideal thing to execute.

Humans ‘feel’ what is about them via their sensory apparatus, that is, their 5 senses, or ‘feelers.’ This faculty of sensation enables us all to ‘feel’ the people around us. Imagine if you were insensate, or had actually no ‘feeling’ whatsoever! People who are sensitive could choose that, for they tfinish to ‘feel’ as well much and so are at risk to obtaining their ‘feelings’ hurt.

Having sensed that you are currently ‘feeling’ pretty good around the root word sens, let’s move on to its variant sent, which likewise means to ‘feel.’ If you are a very sentimental perboy, for circumstances, your ‘feelings’ ascendancy your reactivity to the civilization at large.

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Our interactions with one an additional reason ‘feelings’ to waver. Let’s say that you are having actually a conversation via your finest frifinish, and also she asks you for your opinion. You can assent or agree to it by sfinishing your ‘feelings’ in the direction of her means of thinking. In the very same fashion you can also consent to her wishes, or ‘feel’ similarly to her means of reasoning. You can also present dissent by relocating your ‘feelings’ ameans from what she is proposing. You might likewise resent what she has said by flinging your angry ‘feelings’ earlier at her!

Ever wonder why a sentry is dubbed a sentry? Or a sentinel a sentinel? It is bereason both a sentry and a sentinel are able to keenly ‘feel’ or perceive that or what is about them, for this reason are able to carry out their guard duties properly.

I’m ‘feeling’ that this would be a sensible time to speak, to which I’m sure you will certainly assent. Glad to have actually had actually you on our short journey of ‘feeling’ out sens and sent!

sense: ‘feeling’ faculty nonsensical: not ‘feeling’ right sensible: ‘feels’ right to do sensitive: susceptible to ‘feeling’ sensory: pertaining to ‘feeling’ sensation: act of ‘feeling’ insensate: not able to ‘feel’ sentimental: ruled by ‘feelings’ assent: ‘feel’ the way another does consent: ‘feel’ via another dissent: ‘feel’ apart from another resent: send angry ‘feelings’ back sentinel: one that ‘feels’ his surroundings sentry: one who ‘feels’ his surroundings