This idiom have the right to likewise take the form “barring none,” and is offered after a superlative and also a noun in order to emphasize the statement.

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Origin of Bar None

This idiom first showed up in its written develop in the year 1866, in English writer M. E. Braddon’s novel, Lady’s Mile. In this Victorian novel, the idiom is uncovered in the line, “I know that your ‘Aspasia’ is the greatest picture that was ever before painted – ‘bar none,’ as Mr. Lobyer would say.”

This intake most likely developed from the preposition bar, which means “other than,” and also is a lot of common in British English. Thus, bar none suggests “except none,” or in it’s current develop “without exceptions.”

Examples of Bar None

To usage this idiom effectively, it is not enough to just consider its definition. It is equally necessary that it need to follow a noun modified by a superlative. Otherwise, this expression will certainly sound out of location.

Here is an instance of the idiom being used by two college students that are mentioning music.

Karl: Who’s your favorite classic composer?

Frank: I choose Mozart. He was the finest composer, bar none.

In this instance, a hostess supplies the idiom in the time of a party at her residence.

Hostess: Please take some of my homemade cocoa chip cookies for dessert.

Guest: You always make the most wonderful cookies!

Hostess: Nonsense! Your peanut butter cookies are the the majority of delicious, bar none.

Guest: You flast me! Thank you!

More Examples

Grammatical Notes

The idiom is provided only in statements via superlative adjectives, such as best or worst. It frequently comes at the finish of a sentence, and also is separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma.

Subject + Verb + Superlative Adjective + Noun, bar none. Ex: He has the finest garments, bar none.

However, to add also even more emphasis, it is sometimes placed before the superlative adjective. This gives the sentence a more informal tone.

Subject + Verb, bar none, Superlative Adjective + Noun. Ex: She is, bar none, the smartest physicist in the human being this particular day.

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This idiom does not make feeling without a superlative. For example, take the sentence, “I exercise eexceptionally day, bar none.” At initially, it might seem to work, because if we substitute without exception for bar none, it makes sense grammatically. However before, this idiom is not provided this method, so be mindful and prevent this form of consumption.


Bar none is used for emphasis after superlative adjective + noun phrases, and also indicates “via no exceptions.”