What the Bible claims aboutSensual Knowledge(From Forerunner Commentary)Galatians 3:1The word analyzed here "foolish" indicates unintelligent or unwise, and by implication sensual. This implication is incredibly exciting once thought about in light of what the letter to the Galatians is essentially about: The Galatians were trying to use the rites and ceremonies and physical needs of Gnostic Judaism to "work" their way right into God's Kingdom. Their emphasis was on what they were doing, quite than on God's job-related in them. Their focus was on things dealing with the senses; things that would be, by definition, sensual—not in terms of being sex-related or provocative, but quite indicating the emphasis on the physical senses.

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This word (anoeetoi—Strong's #453) is a derivative of an adverse particle and also noeo (Strong's #3539), which implies to exercise the mind, observe, to comprehend, heed, think about, perceive, think, or understand also. So the word foolish is the opposite (because of the negative an) of all these things. The Galatians, then, were not working out their minds; they were unobservant, uncomprehending, unheeding, inconsideprice, imperceptive, non-reasoning, and non-understanding. They were not thinking things all the way through, and not completely considering all of the facets of the way they were living. They were unable to check out that their concepts and also views did not include up—that tbelow were some apparent gaps in their knowledge that had actually lugged them to the condition they were in.

Paul here is proceeding via a layout from Galatians 1:4-9—namely, that the Galatians were falling ameans ("so soon removed") from the original teaching that had actually been given to them by God with His humale servants. The extremely foundation of the New Covenant via God is that we can build a relationship through God directly—because of the sacrifice of Christ. For them even to make the covenant through God properly, it was a necessity that they understand that justification by indicates of a sinless sacrifice was the only way it is possible for us to come right into God's presence! Our own righteousness is as "filthy rags" in compariboy to God's; our functions simply execute not amount to enough to also out the scales. But this does not negate the necessity of working! The Galatians' problem was that they assumed their individual righteousness was sufficient—and also if that was the case, then truly tright here was no need for Christ to die.

Paul refers to the Galatians being "bewitched." This word suggests "to malign," or "to fascinate by false representation." The Galatians were attracted in—their fascination was piqued by these Jewish and Gnostic principles. It did not take long for them to begin slipping spiritually, and also a big part of this was bereason of their misinserted faith. They had actually even more confidence in themselves, in their own works, to save them than they had in Christ's crucifixion, resurrection, and intercession! They did not view or know God plainly enough, and the absence of Him in their stays produced a void that was easily and conveniently filled by these false ideas.

This is the only area in the New Testament wbelow this word ("bewitched") is provided (Strong's #940), yet countless other verses soptimal of this principle. Paul is speaking of this principle once he states in Galatians 1:7-9 not to deviate from this gospel message even if an "angel" from heaven offered them various instructions! The Galatians were weak enough in the faith that they might be quickly deceived and also attracted amethod if among Satan's angels were to appear prior to them.

Matthew 24:24 speaks of false Christs—false principles, pictures, impressions around Christ—emerging, and also false prophets, that will certainly have the ability to manifest great signs and also wonders to the level that also the elect of God could be deceived. This is why we need to have actually such a concrete image in our minds of what "Christ" is made up of so that once we begin to hear about or check out miraculous things, our confidence will not be shaken as the Galatians' was.

David C. Grabbe
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