There have been a number of exceptional catchphrases in WWE, however few have been as transmittable as Enzo Aeven more and Big Cass’ “SAWT” line. It’s chanted along with by eexceptionally WWE crowd they perdevelop in front of, it’s been on countless pieces of merchandise, and also it in addition to their insurmountable charisma has made them stars. And, they owe it all to John Cena, and also Damien Sandow’s butt.

On a recent episode of Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Big Cass talked around the genius of their iconic phrase.

“We wen’t on NXT at all, we weren’t being provided on the television show” Big Cass said, “we were nopoint. We were simply put to together as males that do promos together, we didn’t even occupational live occasions together, and then Enzo had that match versus Maboy Ryan on NXT. He went out there, you must gain eyes on that footage. Enzo <…> almost went flying out of the ring. It was terrific. But he cut a promo on the means to the ring and also Cena was backphase because back then NXT needed some WWE guys to draw the house.”

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“Cena was tbelow and shelp ‘who’s that guy? excellent promo’, then he started asking roughly and also I remember Tyler Breeze was sitting tbelow and Tyler Breeze was choose ‘oh, that’s Enzo. Him and also Big Cass, you should watch this shtick that they carry out. It’s really funny.’ And Cena was favor ‘okay, are you kidding? Are they actually really good?’ And Breeze shelp, ‘yeah, I’ll put my stamp on it.’ said ‘which one’s Cass?’ and pointed to me.”

“So, Cena was going out tbelow at the finish of the night to do a dark segment via Sandow and also they had nothing planned. So like five minutes before he went out Cena came up to me and also Enzo in the viewing area and he asked us, ‘would you mind coming out and also doing the dark segment via me and Sandow?’ And we were choose, ‘yeah, of course."” He was choose, ‘can you get your gear on real quick?"”

“So me and also Enzo ran dvery own the hallmethod to the locker room, we put our gear on, we ran with the auditorium via the viewing location all the method to Gorilla . And Cena was currently out tbelow via Sandow. So we don’t know what’s going on, we had nothing planned. But me and also Enzo understand we have actually so much material from promo class we go out tbelow. We had actually endless material reason me and Enzo used to sit in my living eextremely Tuesday night in Tampa <…> and we would just remain up until we had a promo for the next day.”

“Our music hit and also Cena’s choose ‘here’s my two friends.’ And we came out and also fans at Full Sail had no concept that we were. They well-known Enzo as the man that cut a promo and got his head smaburned in.”

“We walk out tright here and also pretty a lot begin cutting promos on Sandow and also Cena joined in and also then Enzo said somepoint about exactly how Sandow had a soft ass. Like ‘there’s more dimples on your ass than there are on a golf round.’ And he shelp ‘you’re S-A-W-F-T SAWFT’ and the fans started kinda saying SAWFT. And Cena was prefer, ‘what guys? What did you just say?’ S-A-W-F-T SAWFT, we maintained repeating it and also finally Cena was choose, ‘that’s right, you’re S-A-W-F-T SAWFT!"”

“So the segment finished, Sandow went via a table, and also everyone went home happy. And as we were leaving Full Sail the fans that are tright here they stay for autographs and also stuff, we’re walking to our automobile. Me and also Enzo are leaving together, everybody was just saying SAWFT and also S-A-W-F-T as we’re leaving the structure.

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So we kbrand-new something had recorded on tbelow, and also from then on we started acquiring booked on NXT. I intend, we were in handicapped matches, we were losing to civilization in handicapped matches, but we were starting to obtain booked on NXT as a unit from there on.”

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