The Case XX - Secret Code
BladeType JiggingPatterns Anatomyof a Knife Pattern Numbers SecretCode TangStamps
Flavor Stamps In 1970, Case included ten dots beneath the U.S.A. on all knife tangs. Each year a dot was rerelocated.

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The same dating system was offered throughout the 1980s. The distinctions are the “lightning” develop of the letter S in Case and also USA and also the truth that the dots were put over the USA.

From 1990 to mid-1993, the actual date was stamped on the tang.

The dot device was provided aobtain from mid-1993 through 1999.
In 2000, Case presented a brand-new tang date stamp: 5 X’s and also 5 dots. From 2001 with 2005, one dot is rerelocated annually. From 2006 through 2009, an X is rerelocated each year.

The 2010 Flavor Stamp design aacquire attributes 5 X’s and five dots. From 2011 via 2015, one dot is removed for yearly. From 2016 with 2019, an X is rerelocated yearly.


The 2020 Flavor Stamp style goes ago to the original 10 dots without a Long Tail C. From 2021 with 2029, one dot is rerelocated for each year.

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Pattern Stamps

Over the course of Case’s long background, literally hundreds of different knife fads have been produced. To aid our collectors determine the various trends, we developed a distinct numbering system. What sort of Case perform you own?

You can uncover the Case knife pattern number stamped on the tang of your knife’s blade. This number tells you precisely what kind of knife you have actually. The first number indicates the type of product supplied to make the handle. The second digit gives the variety of blades. The last 2 or more digits show the manufacturing facility pattern number.

Handle Materials

Solid Hardwoods

Smooth Babsence Synthetic Thermoplastic Rubber

Smooth Yellow Synthetic

Smooth Synthetic

Genuine Stag

Jigged Bone, Jigged Synthetic, Jigged Laminate


Curly Maple, Roselumber, Smooth Laminate

Genuine Mother-of-Pearl

Imitation Mother-of-Pearl

Micarta, G-10

Ivory, Imitation Ivory
EX Exotic (Giraffe, Ostrich, Volcanic Glass, and various other Exotic Handle Materials

How To Identify Case Knife Patterns


In this instance, 6347 is a 47 pattern knife wih jigged bone handles and 3 knives.