a way of deliverance or rescue from punishment for sin, especially the payment of a redemptive fine.

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First videotaped in 1150–1200; Middle English noun ranso(u)n, rançoun, from Old French rançon, reançon from Late Latin redēmptiōn- (stem of redēmptiō ) redemption; verb derivative of the noun
rankism, rankle, rank scale, rankchange, ransack, ransom, Ransome, ransomware, rant, rant and rave, Rantoul

A ransom is the money or items demanded to be paid in exchange for the release of a caught or kidnapped perchild or piece of building.

Ransom likewise commonly refers to the amount of money that the captor requirements.

It have the right to additionally refer to such an exchange or the act of releasing a perkid or residential or commercial property for a price, as in The duke’s ransom relied on his wife gathering all the money demanded. 

Ransom can likewise be offered as a verb definition to get a perkid or residential property released by paying a price, as in I had actually to ransom my toy from the bully for $10.

It deserve to additionally expect to release a captive after receiving a ransom, as in Each prisoner was ransomed for $500. 

Less typically, ransom can be offered in a spiritual conmessage to suppose to redeem or deliver someone from punishment for sin, as Christians believe Jesus did.

A perboy who holds someone in exreadjust for a ransom is referred to as a ransomer.

Ransomware is software that is illegally put on a computer system and also prevents individuals from accessing their data without paying a ransom.

Example: The kidnapper demanded a hefty ransom prior to he released the princess to her father.

The first records of the word ransom come from the 1100s. It eventually comes from the Late Latin redēmptiō, meaning “redemption.” The verb ransom is obtained from the noun usage.

Ransom is used in the idiom king’s ransom, which suggests a huge amount of money or valuables. As you can guess, a captured king might be ransomed for a big amount of money. In truth, the Gerguy emperor Henry VI ransomed King Ricdifficult “the Lionheart” I of England in 1193 for 150,000 German marks, a substantial amount of money at that time.

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Today, the word ransom is regularly supplied to refer to a price that someone is demanding to safely release their prisoner or recorded building. Property deserve to encompass information discovered in a computer system, such as a person’s bank account number, passwords, or federal government ID number. Software that permits information to be taken for ransom is dubbed ransomware.