We’ve already covered some Tumblr tips and also tricks that deserve to aid you out via your blogging endure. On optimal of that, we featured a few devices and extensions to get the the majority of of out Tumblr. But we bet you didn’t recognize that tright here are limitations as to what you have the right to perform on Tumblr, for circumstances, you can only short article a specific number of articles per day. Once you hit that limit, then you’d need to wait till the following day to proceed posting.

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Tumblr lists some of these constraints on its Aid page, yet there are some that are much less than main. In this post, we’ll uncover some of these boundaries that variety from the tags you have the right to track and also fan mail you deserve to sfinish. Regardmuch less of whether you are a potential power Tumblr user or a sparse one at finest, below are some of the things you most likely don’t recognize about using Tumblr.

30+ Tumblr Tips Tricks, and also Tools
30+ Tumblr Tips Tricks, and Tools

Tumblr is among the the majority of famed social media platcreates and also the 511.7 million blogs and also billions of...Read more

1. Can’t Go Private With Key Blogs

Limitation – There’s a saying on the Internet that what is on the Web remains on the Web. Even if you delete it, someone could have watched and also conserved the screenshot, and may resurrect it. This holds true on Tumblr when you write-up on your major blog as you cannot privatise its contents – everything is made public. Besides that, multiple authors cannot contribute articles to your main blog.

What you can perform – Here is once Tumblr’s second blogs shine. Secondary blogs enable you to get contribution from even more than one writer, and you have the right to add password protection to its content. There’s also a duty that enables you to collection particular posts as private prior to posting it. Best of all, although you are limited to just one main blog per URL, tbelow is no limit to just how many type of additional blogs you deserve to own. However, you have the right to only develop 10 per day (which is more than you require, really).

2. Limited To 250 Posts/Day

Limitation – You can never have too many kind of write-ups on your Tumblr blog. Well, not in a day anymeans. You can only write-up a complete of 250 posts daily. This has reblogs, and also yes, the number applies to the cumulative short articles on both your main and second blogs. Tumblr will certainly reset the short article limit just when it hits 12 midnight Eastern Time, as its headquarters is based in New York.

What you deserve to execute – If for some factor, you hit the 250 limit, you have the right to carry out one of two things: wait until Tumblr resets itself or you deserve to queue your write-ups for the complying with day. The Queue will not be posted on the very same day if you’ve hit your day-to-day post limit (watch below), so make sure to give it a time for the adhering to day, or your article may be shed. If you have to check how many kind of write-ups you have left, enter your Tumblr username at Blog post Limit Checker. The tool likewise tells you the time left until the following reset.

3. Queue Only 50 Posts/Day

Limitation – Queueing write-ups is an artdevelop by itself. You’d want to stagger articles so as to not overwhelm your followers. In fact, you have the right to queue and publish as much as 50 short articles in the exact same day. This is of course had in the 250 posts-per-day limit but if you are going to be amethod for a while, you have the right to actually queue approximately 300 posts to be released across several days.

What you can carry out – Note that if you someexactly how exceeded the 250 limit but your queue is still recurring, you’ll shed the staying write-ups booked for the day. Instead of trying to beat the Queue limit, you can conserve your write-ups as Drafts. Once your Queue count is under the limit aacquire, you can move those drafts to Queue.

4. Optimum-Res At 500×750 pixels

Limitation – Whether they come in a post of their very own or in a photocollection, tright here is an optimum dimension for photos to display screen nicely. The normal photo size on a dashboard is 500 x 750 pixels and the maximum size you can upload a photo is 1280 x 1290 pixels. Photos bigger than 500 x 750 will certainly be regarded in a lightbox once clicked.

What you deserve to carry out – If you share photos greatly on Tumblr, it is obvious to save the photo sizes to the recommended 500 x 750 pixels so your photos won’t be scaled down. Also note that from the 250 posts-per-day limit, 150 of those deserve to be photo posts. If you have actually any trouble uploading photos, refer below for troubleshooting choices. This blog short article offers an extensive overview to the assorted photo sizes on Tumblr.

5. Heavy GIFs Can’t Move

Limitation – Moving on to GIFs; GIFs maketh Tumblr as you deserve to uncover all sorts of GIFs here together with customers who specialize in making them. If but you come throughout a GIF that doesn’t quite work appropriately, it is bereason the file size permitted has actually been surpassed. If a GIF is more than 2MB, Tumblr will certainly rotate the initially frame of the GIF right into a static image.

What you deserve to do – If you love making GIFs, you will certainly do well to heed the dimension limits. The maximum GIF size was recently bumped up from 1MB to 1.75MB and within 500 pixels (which is good news as most GIF equipments attest to their 500 pixels GIFs having actually better quality). If your GIF exceeds the dimension limit, try saving the article in drafts first to check out if the computer animation lots. If it doesn’t, then you must take some time to minimize the file size to workable boundaries.

6. More Than 5 Tags Lead To Phantom Tags

Limitation – Tags, as most of you would understand, serve to save track of things and also attribute as a means to uncover brand-new content. If an original write-up has even more than five tags, only the first 5 tags are searchable from the dashboard. Of course, with Tumblr’s new search, the 6th tag and past are searchable, unless you are using the old tag page.

What you can perform – This guideline is for the chronic tag commenters. If you desire others to search for your write-up, you must organize off your comments until after the fifth tag – tag wisely if you desire your write-up to be discovered. The ‘phantom’ tag phenomenon does not affect searching the tag from inside your blog. For a much better method of searching tags, form http://username.tumblr.com/tagged/insert-tag/.

7. Can Track Only 20 Tags

Limitation – When it concerns tracking tags, some customers track particular tags to save up via new content. The tracked tags will display you how many new write-ups are posted through that tag because the last time you’ve checked. Keep in mind that reblogged articles don’t gain tracked and if you are tracking even more than 20 tags, then you won’t obtain to check out the number of brand-new write-ups that bring your tracked tag.

What you have the right to execute – Obviously, you should just track 20 tags for tag tracking to be effective. Do some house-maintaining by untracking tags that no much longer interest you, or track selectively. However before, if you couldn’t care less around the article count, you may track all the tags you desire.

8. Ask 10 Questions/Hour

Limitation – Mostly Tumblr users communicate with ‘Ask’. For ‘Ask’ to work, it has to be enabled and also you have the right to have the alternative of enabling anonymous asks. Though when someone asks anonymously, the recipient have the right to just reply publicly. Possibly to mitigate spam, you can ask only 10 questions per hour (of which 5 can be anonymous). You will likewise have to adbelow to a character limit of 500 characters.

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What you deserve to execute – If you’ve supplied up your Ask quota, you deserve to use the different strategy of communication: Fan Mail. Fan Mail is the official messaging function on Tumblr. In fact, your message deserve to be as long as you want, and also you deserve to even sfinish web links to others. Tright here is one slight setearlier, yet. You deserve to just send Fan Mail after you’ve been complying with a user for at least 48 hours. But once you’ve previous that limitation, you can send Fan Mail approximately 500 times a day.