In a general sense what does it suppose as soon as someone ends their message via the abbreviation LG complied with by the initially letter of their name?


Um welche Uhrzeit am Morgen wird er den Zug nehmen?




LG is an abbreviation for Liebe Grüße, and largely supplied if you just have actually exceptionally little bit time or space (favor text messages) to create an actual valediction.

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You can also come across:

MfG -- Mit freundlichen GrüßenVG -- Viele Grüße

As claims, LG is just "Liebe Grüße". I have actually watched it in instances wbelow absence of time or area seems extremely unlikely (say, an otherwise rather substantive email), and think that some human being ssuggest always use that line so they do not need to think about various greetings for different levels of politeness/social distance.


I"m :D

you deserve to use "Liebe Grüße"(LG), if you create to a friend or familyyou have the right to usage "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" (MFG), if it"s a experienced mail to a perboy you have never seenyou can use "Viele Grüße" (VG), if you"re an extrovert perboy you can use it eexceptionally time :D but mostly to buddies or workmates



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