What does potato intend in slang?

In a slang, potato is someone unexciting,dull,strange ,ugly or fat.

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What is a fully loaded baked potato?

Unwrap potatoes and also cut lengthwise slits in the peak of each. Carecompletely scoop out flesh from facility of each potato into a medium bowl, then add butter, sour cream, chives, green onion whites, half the cheddar, and also half the bacon. Seakid through salt and also pepper. Spoon filling earlier right into each potato, mounding it on top.

What does Divine Potato mean?


Is potato a poor word?

As I recontact, the term “potato” was first offered as an insult in virtual PC gaming. The insult insinuates your (or your PC’s) performance is so poor it have to be because of a absence of decent hardware.

What is a potato girl?

someone that is also lazy to perform anypoint is a potato or we regularly speak to it couch potato.

Is potato an insult?

According to Reddit (and also that doesn’t think Reddit?), it is indeed an insult to be referred to as a potato – “yet calling someone a sweet potato in endearing.” Then there is upjoke.com, a site that hoverall listing of potato jokes.

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What are potatoes referred to as in Ireland?

Some Irish folks also use the term “tatties” for potatoes, yet that’s supposedly Scottish in origin. One can likewise hear potatoes referred to as “praties,” “purdies,” or “pirries” in Ireland.

What does the potato emoji mean?