There’s a move in the golf swing that goes unnoticed or ignored many times. It’s not complicated, yet is exceptionally vital to a golfer’s success. The move I’m talking around is regularly referred to as the “pivot.”

If you’re choose me, simply hearing that word either renders you think of Ross from the TV display “Friends” yelling “pivot” to his friends while transporting a couch up some stairs. Or maybe, you remember back to the days once you were discovering basketball and a coach somewright here taught you not to move your pivot foot.

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Either way, both of those cases have actually both nothing and also every little thing to perform via the golf swing pivot.

To be honest, tright here are most sports that talk around a pivot, but they all have their very own distinct spin on the word.

In golf, the pivot is the move that creates power by turning and moving weight from ago to front.

You can not think about it much as soon as hitting a golf sphere, yet it’s among the major, and also the majority of important, moves.

What’s different about the golf pivot is that it appears choose amateur golfers struggle to create it even more than other sporting activities.


Drill #1: 5-iron across the chest

In this first drill, grab one of your clubs. It doesn’t have to be a 5-iron prefer I pointed out in the naming of this drill, however that’s usually my go-to club as soon as I practice this.

Place the club horizontally across your chest and fold your arms across your chest, so you are holding the club firmly versus your body.Take your address position and also imagine you’re taking the club back to the top of your swing.As you take your backswing, feel your abdominal muscles twist approximately your spine.

Because you don’t actually have actually a club in your hands prefer normal, this will certainly assist you emphasis even more on what it feels favor to revolve in your backswing.

Drill #2: Club under foot

Next off, in order to obtain your weight shifted forward correctly:

Lay a club level on the ground and step on the shaft via the external fifty percent of your earlier foot.Continue the drill the exact same as stated in drill #1.

Having the shaft of one more club under your foot will certainly pressure you to change your weight off of it after the “impact” position. You’ll have the ability to tell you’re doing it effectively if you deserve to quickly get your foot entirely off the shaft in the finish place.

Drill #3: Alignment Sticks

Finally, for this last drill, you’ll require 2 alignment sticks.

Take the initially one and also loop it with your front two belt loops. It ought to allude dvery own your body line.Next, fold your arms and pin the second alignment stick against your chest.Comparable to the first 2 drills, take an imaginary swing, concentrating on your turn, shift, and pivot via the backswing and also downswing.

Notice wright here the alignment rods allude when you’ve finimelted your backswing. They both have to have actually turned, but the shoulders should revolve slightly even more than the hips. Then, at the finish, both will certainly be perpendicular to your target and also parallel to one another.

The Bottom Line

There’s all you need to know around the pivot in your golf swing. If you desire to obtain more constant and also hit the ball farther, work on this relocate to help develop power.

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Don’t forgain to stretch your core muscles also to assist make this rotate and also change feasible. I’m sure if you exercise these drills, you’ll view the pivot come to be a herbal component of your golf swing.