1. What shall I wear on my feet today? Boots? Or something else? Oh wait, there IS nopoint else that will go through my pissing tights. Why am I even alive?!

2. Constantly feeling like you"re fighting a losing battle is not a fun method to spfinish a day...

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you pull them up, they fall ago down, hoik them up, dvery own they go.

3. I simply hope no one noticed that since my 2pm toilet break, my arse has actually been on display screen to the whole human being.

4. The process of correcting a lowering tights crotch (LTC) is never going to assist me acquire a day.

5. Your nails come to be your worst enemy... because pulling up shreddable material via exceptionally sharp nails is just going to end one way.

6. Is this the back? Or is it the front? The back? Or the front? I"m pretty sure it"s the... Oh, who cares.

7. Ladders are the mortal enemy... Unless they are high enough to be concealed by a dress or skirt, and then you"re winning.

8. What carry out deniers also suppose though? 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 - no one knows and also no one cares.

9. When outside: "my mother lied, I"m not heat at all". When inside: "oh, excellent. My legs appear to be sweating."

10. "I have never before been more proud of my toes" When, they regulate to erode the dark, cramped prison you"ve been maintaining them in and make a toe-shaped hole. Until, of course, they gain cold and also you realise the grass might have actually been greener inside the sweaty tights, after all.

11. I really love just how babsence opaque tights highlight my dry skin difficulty. Hey, hey, everyone! I have dusty legs! And the skin flakes handily display up on my babsence tights so you deserve to all get a great look! Come see!

12. They might look negative, yet at leastern bobbly tights offer me somepoint to perform on the train.

13. I hate that I was compelled to buy these medium-big tights that will certainly now forever bunch about my ankles like some sort of wrinkly dog. What"s wrong through simple medium? They"ve obtained enough bloody deniers, after all.

14. *Must arrangement in personal undressing time so the brand-new lover does not watch my attractive taking off tights face*

15. Your feet are never warmth in winter. Unless you layer socks over the top of the tights yet NO-ONE wants the toe sweats.

16. My feet have began to smell so gross I am considering whether I require them to acquire through life...

17. Tomorrow, I"m going to attempt a bare leg and be all Alexa Chung about life.

18. Don"t also talk to me around my underwear drawer. Tights basically destroy every little thing.

19. Sitting down... oh, tummy! I was wondering where you"d gone.

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